Redefining Newsworthiness: New Opportunities to Earn Media & Attention for Your Brand

The very definition of earned media has changed. Influencers can provide invaluable visibility for a message when they share it with their followers -- even if they don’t write about it. This sort of exposure falls outside the “traditional” definition of earned media, but it is undeniably valuable.

Redefining Newsworthiness: New Opportunities to Earn Media discusses:

  • Contrasts between traditional views of releases and new efforts in content strategy
  • Real cases of brands leveraging the wires for unconventional reasons

Opportunities to earn attention for your brand abound, but they don’t necessarily look like earned media hits of yore. Reassess your brand’s content, expand your definition of newsworthiness and map out a multichannel distribution plan to ensure the messaging you develop is seen.

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