Revving the Revenue Engine: PR Newswire's Secret to Demand Generation Success

Event Date: Jun 23, 2015 , 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM EDT

In the digital age, B2B buyers are making decisions in ways that circumvent traditional marketing efforts, demand generation, and sales models. Join this webinar with PR Newswire's Ken Wincko to learn how PR Newswire navigated this new landscape by "killing” the traditional, ad hoc campaign model and developing a buyer-centric, multi-channel demand generation program. 

You'll also discover how PR Newswire was able to:

  • Develop a channel-agnostic content approach to engage, nurture, and convert buyers throughout their journey
  • Optimize its Lead-to-Revenue Management process to increase conversion rates and surpass revenue forecast by 138%
  • Shift its use of Marketo's Engagement Marketing Platform from a tactical email tool to a strategic, multi-channel growth engine