Webinar Recap: Delivering Actionable Business Intelligence to the C-Suite

As goals and tactics have evolved in the communica­tions industry, so has the concept of collecting and reporting on those goals to the C-Suite. With more reporting and monitoring tools available, PR and corporate communications professionals have the ability to present more actionable data to executives to prove ROI. In this webinar, “Brand Monitoring: Delivering Actionable Intelligence to the C-Suite,” industry experts discussed the challenges and opportunities with brand monitoring and presenting meaningful data to senior executives.

Webinar Recap: Delivering Actionable Business Intelligence to the C-Suite is a written recap of the webinar that discusses:

  • Current measurement practices and how to incorporate context into your reporting
  • The metrics and numbers you need to measure buzz and get the C-Suite excited about performance
  • Monitoring tools and their role in truly understanding (and communicating) the reach of your programs

You will also be provided with a link to the recording of the webinar.

As reporting and monitoring are becoming not only best prac­tices, but necessities. It’s important to remember that simply gathering data may not always be enough. Analyzing your data and interpreting the overall message can set the stage for more successful campaigns in the future.

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