PlaceIQ, Turning Smartphone Location into Context, Chooses Kognitio Cloud, Enabling Companies to Pinpoint "Hyper-Local" Marketing Efforts

Sep 05, 2012, 03:00 ET from Kognitio

NEW YORK, Sept. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kognitio, driving the convergence of Big Data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing, today announced that Kognitio Cloud, its innovative analytical platform, has been selected by PlaceIQ to help marketers more effectively target their messaging to smartphone users, based on factors such as their location and the time of day.

PlaceIQ, which has partnered with companies such as The Weather Channel, Verve Wireless and Jumptap, extracts intelligence from large amounts of place, social and mobile location-based data to create hyper-local, targetable audience profiles, giving advertisers the power to connect with consumers at the right place, at the right time, with the right message. These anonymous audience profiles provide powerful targeting opportunities for advertisers. 

At the forefront of mobile advertising, PlaceIQ's 'PlaceContext' product can uncover the dynamic context of a location; breaking-up the world into 100 meter 'tiles' (about the size of a city block) and many discrete time periods (as the context of a location can change hugely over hours of a day or days of a week), and then applying the resulting place context within the parameters of this location grid and time periods.

All of this, of course, requires the time-sensitive analysis of huge amounts of data; by deploying Kognitio Cloud as an instance through Amazon Web Services, PlaceIQ is able to do deep-dive analytics into multiple terabytes of data in a fraction of the time and cost required by competing solutions, helping it better understand which advertising is most effective in reaching their audiences, based on where they are located and the time of day.

"What we call 'PlaceContext' is key to understanding the behavior of customers and prospects to a greater degree than ever before," said Duncan McCall, PlaceIQ's chief executive officer.  "Enabling that kind of rapid response is where Kognitio Cloud provides us with a higher degree of performance.  It is proving to be an ideal platform to analyze immense amounts of information, and quickly derives results so that we can put that information to immediate use." McCall also noted that Kognitio Cloud's power, coupling the traditional cost and time advantages associated with cloud-based services, as well as maximum flexibility, makes it an ideal platform for emerging firms like PlaceIQ. 

"PlaceIQ is redefining the way marketers can reach their prospects with location and time-appropriate messaging.  It's a capability that was simply not thinkable until recently," said Steve Millard, Kognitio president and chief executive officer.  "PlaceIQ's selection of Kognitio Cloud as the analytical engine behind its efforts gives it an even-greater capability to fulfill its mission on behalf of its clients. Like many firms, data is truly at the heart of PlaceIQ; Kognitio Cloud helps maximize the how that data is analyzed and put to use, to the benefit of marketers and their customers."

About Kognitio
Kognitio ( is driving the convergence of Big Data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing.  Having delivered the first in-memory analytical platform in 1989, it was designed from the ground up to provide the highest amount of scalable compute power to allow rapid execution of complex analytical queries without the administrative overhead of manipulating data.  Kognitio software runs on industry-standard x86 servers, or as an appliance, or in Kognitio Cloud, a ready-to-use analytical platform.  Kognitio Cloud is a secure, private or public cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), leveraging the cloud computing model to make the Kognitio Analytical Platform available on a subscription basis.  Clients span industries, including market research, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, gaming, media and utilities. 

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About PlaceIQ
PlaceIQ ( is a provider of "Next Generation Location Intelligence." Extracting meaning and context from the huge explosion of "new" location data being created – PlaceIQ enables the detailed dynamic understanding of a place or location like never before.

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