2% of Internet Population Paying For 100% of Internet Content

Nov 18, 2009, 13:00 ET from Chitika, Inc.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Only two in 100 people who browse the Internet actually click on the advertisements that fund websites, according to a new report by online ad network Chitika. The study, based on the actions of 86 million Internet users over a two-week period, helps illustrate the value of an individual "clicker," and the vast business potential that remains untapped for website owners and advertisers alike.

During a two-week period in October, Chitika monitored ad clicks of a sample of 86,683,507 anonymous individuals throughout their 60,000+ publisher network to determine what percentage could be classified as "clickers." During the two weeks focused on for this study, 1,863,710 of the anonymous individuals actually clicked on an ad at least once, for a 2.15% "clicker" rate.

                 Unique Users       Clickers         Non-Clickers
                 86,683,507         1,863,710        84,819,797

Chitika has long championed the idea of knowing when not to show ads, claiming that by being able to accurately predict a user's likelihood to click, the online advertising world can become at once less intrusive and more effective. Replacing old-media theories of advertising to demographics with predictive targeting towards the people most likely to act on an ad appears more and more viable with improving technology, and can go a long way towards helping online advertising dominate its traditional media counterparts.

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