2013 School Study Shows Zylast Antiseptic Lotion Reduces School Absenteeism and Raises Funding Levels

Illness Rates Drop by 40% Among Students

Jun 12, 2013, 13:01 ET from Innovative BioDefense Inc.

LAKE FOREST, Calif., June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative BioDefense Inc., the creators of the Zylast™ line of persistent antimicrobial products, announced today the results of a clinical study in schools showing a reduction of illness absenteeism of 41.6% among students and 24.7% for teachers and staff.  Over the course of a 180-day school year that translates to 3-4 more days of school for each student and 2 more days of work for teachers and staff, with consequent increases in funding. 

There are three primary reasons for this reduction in illness with the Zylast Lotion, says Dr Beth McNichol, who holds a doctorate in Emerging Infectious Diseases from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

"First, the Zylast products are persistent for six hours, so children are protected beyond the 15-second lifespan of an alcohol sanitizer," Dr. McNichol said. "Second, the Zylast Lotion is effective against pathogens like the Norovirus, rotavirus, and the common cold – some of the most prevalent diseases among children, and germs against which alcohol sanitizers are relatively ineffective.  Finally, the product is water-based and moisturizes the hands, so children and staff actually like using it, which greatly improves compliance."

The clinical study was conducted on the campuses of the Autism Academy, based in Chatsworth, California, in 2013 and analyzed nearly 6,000 student and staff data points.  Installing the Zylast Antiseptic Lotion near classroom doors and the Antiseptic Foaming Soap in the bathrooms reduced the chances a student would be ill from 4.71% to 2.75%, a 41.6% reduction.  The school director, Leslie Ghrist, said of the product,

"Zylast is remarkable; as soon as we installed it we noticed our classrooms were full and our teachers healthier.  I love that it's all natural and not flammable, and our kids love using it.  It's so important, especially with special needs children, to keep them in the classroom as much as possible.  Our parents and teachers even requested that we sell Zylast at our front desk."

The products were provided to the school free of charge, and all data collection was independently recorded by the school.

As school funding is tied to attendance, this reduction in absenteeism can result in significant additional funding for school districts and charter schools.  In California, for example, a school with 1,000 children would be reimbursed an additional $132,000 for the saved student-days, and it could add $403 million to school district budgets if used statewide.  Barbara Keeney, RN, an Air Force veteran with more than thirty years in nursing, nursing management and hospital administration remarked:

"As a nurse and former school board member, I find this product phenomenal. It pays for itself, and provides significantly better protection to our students and teachers than any other product on the market.  School administrators should consider putting Zylast on their campuses."

Alcohol-based sanitizers that are often used in schools are only effective for 15 seconds after application, which means that hands can immediately become recontaminated.  This is especially problematic with children, because studies show they touch their faces every three minutes. The Zylast technology is designed to destroy germs on contact, but is also persistent for six hours after application, still killing 98% of E. coli and S. Aureus one hour after application in a human skin model. 

Click here for Zylast|Antiseptic Lotion Sustained Kill data graph

The Zylast technology is also specially formulated to be effective against viruses as well as bacteria, which are a significant cause of disease among children.  Norovirus, often called the "stomach flu", is a major cause of illness across the country, particularly among children in close quarters.  Independent studies have shown that Zylast is more than 100 times more effective against the Norovirus than alcohol sanitizers, killing 99.97% on contact.  It has also been successfully tested against the Rotavirus, a common cause of diarrhea among children, and Rhinovirus, the common cold.

Click here for Zylast|Norovirus Reduction data graph

The Zylast Antiseptic Lotion and Foaming Soap, the products used in the clinical study, are both water-based, all natural, triclosan-free, and moisturize the hands with a quick-drying, non-greasy feel.  Importantly in schools, they are alcohol-free, and therefore not prone to alcohol abuse by students and are non-flammable.  In California alone, almost 1,300 cases of alcohol abuse are reported annually as the result of ethanol-based hand sanitizers. 

About Zylast
Zylast™ is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of a full line of antiseptic products for use by healthcare professionals, businesses and consumers.  Zylast products, based on proprietary and patented combinations of pharmaceutical ingredients, are owned by Innovative BioDefense Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Lake Forest, CA. 

Products can be ordered at www.zylast.com.


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