a la mode's New TourNarrator for Agents Already Among Top Business Products in the Apple iTunes App Store

Real Estate agents gather photos and notes on their iPhone during home tours, converting prospects into buyers

Nov 13, 2009, 16:40 ET from a la mode

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- From the floor of the REALTORS® Conference and Expo, a la mode (www.alamode.com), one of the real estate industry's largest and most mission critical technology companies, announced that Apple released TourNarrator to the iTunes App Store this week, and it's already jumped to the #11 spot among paid apps in the business category.

That's not surprising to a la mode's agent team, since TourNarrator solves one of the biggest problems in the highly mobile real estate field: Converting prospects into buyers by helping them narrow their choices down to the property they like best while touring properties. With millions of agents in the country and likely hundreds of thousands using iPhones now or in the near future, the future seems bright for TourNarrator.

Apple's iPhone is well established as not only a revolutionary phone and breakthrough Internet device, but one of the fastest growing platforms for serious mobile business applications. Real estate professionals continue to adopt the iPhone at an increasing rate and demand tools that work seamlessly on their mobile device of choice to help them sell homes. TourNarrator is a perfect example of a popular iPhone app that solves real world problems.

TourNarrator's premise is simple yet powerful. As an agent gives a client a tour of a property, they use TourNarrator on their iPhone to take notes about standout observations their client has made. Typed or voice notes are taken along with photos of the various features the client likes, or dislikes. Afterward, TourNarrator presents all the information in an impressively organized rich PDF report, direct from the phone. This reduces confusion about which features of which properties the client likes or dislikes and helps the client make a decision more quickly.

Instead of clients taking written notes on their MLS sheets, they can focus on the property while the agent collects multi-media information about what matters most to the client. Then, when it's time, the client gets an instant, summarized recap of their opinions, all captured and published from the agent's iPhone. A professionally designed, personalized PDF can also be generated and accessed from virtually any website, email account, or mobile device. TourNarrator property summaries eliminate unneeded second showings, create decision-making confidence, and turn prospects into buyers.

"Agents call us every day looking for innovative ways to market themselves, differentiate their services, and get deals done faster. I'm so pleased that our first iPhone app does all those things simply and professionally," said Dustin Moore, a la mode's VP of Agent Sales. "It's pretty obvious more and more real estate applications will continue to be developed for the iPhone, and I'm confident TourNarrator will stand out in the crowd, because it reduces confusion during property tours, and gets buyers committed more quickly."

For more information about TourNarrator as well as all of a la mode's products, visit www.alamode.com or call 1-800-252-6633.

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