Abine, The Online Privacy Company, Supports Facebook Anonymous Login

Abine's DoNotTrackMe, which offers anonymous logins that work on any web site and is used by millions daily, will allow people to use Facebook Anonymous Login by default.

May 01, 2014, 14:11 ET from Abine

BOSTON, May 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Abine, the online privacy company, announced their support for Facebook's new Anonymous Login feature. The caveat: Facebook still collects more data about you if you choose to log in with any Facebook technology.

At the 2014 Facebook f8 Developer's Conference in San Francisco, Facebook announced they will now allow users to use a "Log in anonymously" button as an alternative to their "Sign in with Facebook" button (also known as Facebook Connect). With over 7 million websites integrated with Facebook, this could prove a significant upgrade for consumer privacy across the web.

"This is a smart defensive move by Facebook," said Rob Shavell, CEO of Abine. "We've seen the percentage of consumers using DoNotTrackMe to register anonymously double in 2014.  Facebook is rightly afraid of the growing trend of consumers demanding more online privacy and control of their online identities."

Anonymous Login will keep Facebook users' profile details, friend list, and personal information private from third party sites, whereas Facebook Connect shares this data with them. While users are anonymous to the web site they register on, they are never anonymous to Facebook.

While this is a step in the right direction for Facebook, the feature's sole purpose is to make more money. Anonymous Login will generate more registrations since people will have less fear over data sharing. It also keeps Facebook's user data out of developers' hands, which means those companies will have to pay for it. These factors will drive bigger advertising profits.

Should privacy-conscious consumers use Facebook Anonymous Login?

No. They should use tools like DoNotTrackMe that never share personal data with other companies and work everywhere online. However, users that already rely on Facebook Connect should always choose Anonymous Login. Abine encourages developers to offer the feature so it becomes more widely available.

While the net effect of using Anonymous Login will still be sharing more of your personal info with Facebook, overall this is a positive step for Facebook users and the control they have over their privacy.

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Abine is the online privacy company. Since launching in 2008, Abine has been committed to providing easy-to-use privacy software and solutions for everyday people. Abine's flagship product DoNotTrackMe has protected over 10 million people's privacy across the globe and is available as a browser extension and web application across all five major browsers, and as a mobile app available for iPhone and Android devices.

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