Accellis Technology Group Bridges Gap Between Accounting and Technology by Offering Managed Accounting Services for Law Firms

Aug 09, 2011, 09:00 ET from Accellis Technology Group

CLEVELAND, Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Recognizing a growing challenge for law firms to balance the expanding capabilities of their accounting systems with the skills of their administrative staff, Accellis Technology Group, a national IT consulting firm, today announced the rollout of a full service Managed Accounting Services program after piloting the program in late May.

The program is designed around the specific accounting software products of the legal industry, including PCLaw®, Amicus® Accounting, Amicus Billing®, QuickBooks® and Timeslips®.  It delivers all the services of a traditional bookkeeper, while also adding the skills and abilities of a true accounting professional and a certified software consultant.  The result is a comprehensive and cost-effective billing and accounting service specific to the legal industry.

"We're really just simplifying the whole accounting process for attorneys.  With people who understand the accounting needs of law firms and the product knowledge of the software tools they employ, we can do more for our clients than most any other service out there," said Joe Marquette, President of Accellis Technology Group.

With pricing models customized to the specific needs of each law firm, Accellis' Managed Accounting Services clients can now cost effectively move beyond the simple tasks of accepting payments, printing checks and balancing the checkbook and enjoy the benefits of fully functional retainer & trust accounts, productivity reporting, and timely billing procedures.

"This is really just about creating the perfect mixture of accounting experience and technological know-how, and doing this in a way that doesn't come at a premium to the consumer.  Managed Accounting Services is about lowering the cost of bookkeeping for law firms, getting better utilization out of employees, and generating the best ROI possible on the software tools they use," said Marquette.

For more information on Accellis' Managed Accounting Services program, visit, call (216) 662-3200, or email  Follow Accellis on Facebook and Twitter or visit their blog.

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Founded in 2001, Accellis Technology Group provides Law Office Solutions, Managed Network Services, and Document Automation services for small to mid-size companies across the United States.  Accellis is a national IT consulting firm with offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that specializes in the unique technology needs of law firms.

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