Advisor Software Gives Software Developers a "Robo-Advisor in a Box"

Wealth Management Cloud™ Platform Gets New Administrative Features that Enable Rapid Development of New Digital Advice Portals

Aug 10, 2015, 16:17 ET from Advisor Software, Inc.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Aug. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

  • Advisor Software, Inc. (ASI) announces the launch of new portfolio analysis and administrative features in its Wealth Management Cloud™ platform that significantly enhance the ability of developers to build new digital advice applications rapidly and cost-effectively.
  • The new Portfolio Analysis APIs available on the platform complement those in earlier releases, and now offer advisors the ability to evaluate and compare investment portfolios across a comprehensive array of dimensions, including asset allocation, efficient frontier, style, sector, geography and historical performance. A powerful Monte Carlo Simulation engine is also available for forecasting future portfolio performance.
  • Most of the new administrative APIs are free to Wealth Management Cloud users. They include utilities to pull-in financial account data and security price data from 3rd party platforms, create and manage user hierarchies, manage access permissions, monitor user activity and trigger alerts.
  • These new features build upon an already impressive array of premium wealth management analytics on the platform, including a full suite of portfolio analytics, rebalancing, financial planning and investment management APIs.


Advisor Software, Inc. ("ASI") announces significant enhancements to its Wealth Management Cloud – its one-of-a-kind cloud platform of sophisticated analytics for the wealth management industry, easily accessible to anyone from large enterprise customers to startups via APIs. 

Interested parties may review the current API catalogue ( on the Advisor Software website, or call (844) 257-9255 for more information.

"Our goal with this latest release was to give the Fintech Developer community a 'Robo-Advisor in a Box'," said Archana Rao, Vice President of Engineering, Advisor Software.  "This latest release is essentially a toolkit full of plug-and-play components that will facilitate rapid development of new digital advice portals for consumers, investment advisors – or both."

New services include a full suite of Portfolio Analysis APIs.  These include a Monte Carlo Simulation engine that can run thousands of portfolio simulations in milliseconds, as well as sophisticated tools for evaluating and comparing investment portfolios on dimensions such as efficient frontier, asset allocation, style and sector analysis, geographic concentration, historical performance and risk and return, and more.

The administrative features – most of which are available at no cost to platform customers – facilitate integration of the analytics on the Wealth Management Cloud with 3rd party systems such as custodians, asset management platforms, or account aggregation services.  They make it easy for developers of digital advice applications to manage account and user data within the apps they build.

"We are still in the early innings of our Cloud strategy," says Erik Jepson, Chief Customer Officer of Advisor Software. "We've got some extremely exciting releases coming up in the next two quarters that will build upon our early success, including new, highly-sophisticated goal-based investing and portfolio construction components, new analytical services, and new digital advice applications."

Used by hundreds of thousands of financial professionals, ASI's portfolio of services and resources encompass: Goal-Based Financial Planning; Rebalancing; Digital Advice; Proposal Generation; Investment Planning; Portfolio Analysis; Portfolio Management; Reporting, and Alerts.

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Advisor Software, Inc. (ASI) is a leading provider of wealth management cloud platforms for financial advisors and institutions. The company has pioneered the first Wealth Management Cloud platform that offers streamlined access to a comprehensive range of financial services and resources. ASI's products address advisors' functional needs, including Planning, Proposal Generation, Portfolio Construction, Rebalancing, and Investment Analytics. The company's solutions serve a wide range of financial institutions and professionals, enabling asset management firms, broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, online brokerages, custodians and providers of investment services and products to deliver more insightful, actionable investment advice and build stronger, more profitable client relationships.

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