Aerus Holdings, L.L.C. Makes Major Acquisition

Mar 30, 2009, 14:16 ET from Aerus Holdings, L.L.C.

DALLAS, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Aerus Holdings, L.L.C. of Dallas, TX announced today that its subsidiary has acquired a majority of the assets of EcoQuest International, its parent and their subsidiaries. EcoQuest International located in Greeneville, Tennessee and known as the "Healthy Living Company," has been providing state-of-the-art air and water purification products, energy management systems and nutritional supplements to consumers and businesses through network marketing professionals for years. The assets include the EcoQuest(R), Infinity(TM), Heartland(TM), activTek(TM) and UNOVUS(TM) product lines.

This acquisition is a natural fit for Aerus Holdings, which also owns a number of other direct selling companies including Aerus LLC, which was known as Electrolux from 1924-2003. "With EcoQuest we will enter the global market with the same values that have guided our success as Electrolux and Aerus for over 85 years. Values that include a commitment to customer satisfaction, product excellence, ethical business practices and our global environment," stated Joseph P. Urso, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aerus Holdings. "Our mission has always been to provide great opportunities for financial security and success to hardworking professionals who share our beliefs."

A direct selling company, EcoQuest International was established in January 2000 based on a 15-year history of proven, pioneering success in the air purification industry. "I am really enthused about the future of EcoQuest," commented Michael Jackson, Sr., the founder of EcoQuest International. "Aerus has the resources and skills we have needed for years to take full advantage of the technology and opportunities that EcoQuest has available. Through the leadership of Mr. Urso, and an amazing team of professionals he has brought together, I expect the new company to fully realize all of its potential. I look forward to seeing the worldwide group of field leaders reap the rewards of this transaction."

"EcoQuest has an extraordinary culture that meshes with our core philosophies," said Mr. Urso. "While job losses, pessimism and layoffs are making headlines, we will continue to promote success, hope and security for men and women across the world through growth and opportunity in home-based and independent businesses."

Aerus LLC, formerly Electrolux LLC, is a direct selling, franchise organization with over 500 locations in North America. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association where Mr. Urso has served on the Board of Directors. Aerus sells high-end vacuum cleaners, air filtration systems, water purification systems and a range of other products designed to create a healthier home environment. Aerus makes most of its products at its facilities in the USA. Aerus has been in business in North America for 85 years. The original manufacturer of Electrolux vacuums from 1924-2003, Aerus has over 50 million customers and has been honored for product design by the Smithsonian where its Model XXX has been proudly displayed.

The EcoQuest assets were acquired by an Aerus Holdings' subsidiary, DBG Group Investments, LLC. The business will be operated as an independent network marketing organization of DBG and will be separate and distinct from the other businesses in the Aerus Holdings portfolio. Joseph P. Urso will serve as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DBG.

DBG's acquisition of the EcoQuest assets followed extensive efforts by EcoQuest International and Mr. Jackson to obtain new third-party financing. DBG ultimately agreed to acquire the EcoQuest assets in cooperation with EcoQuest's lenders. The transaction was completed through private sales conducted by EcoQuest's secured lenders under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. As part of the sale, DBG acquired EcoQuest's name, trade marks and other intellectual property, along with EcoQuest's nationwide distribution network

DBG will be working over the next few months to consolidate manufacturing and operations of this new business into Aerus Holdings' 400,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Bristol, Virginia and its World Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. During this transition, the company will continue to operate under the EcoQuest name. To ensure that the needs of all distributors and customers are adequately met, EcoQuest's founder Michael Jackson has agreed to serve as National Field Leader. DBG will employ a portion of EcoQuest's former employees to assist with the transition.

Any questions with regard to the DBG acquisition of EcoQuest and the future operations of the EcoQuest assets should be directed to Carl Christoff 214-378-4009.

SOURCE Aerus Holdings, L.L.C.