AGT's Initial Testing of TMT-13™ Shows Significant Emission Reductions to Coal Burning Power Plants

AGT is the owner of the revolutionary TMT-13™ a proven nanotechnology that improves coal efficiency while reducing emission levels and providing an environmentally safe and usable fly ash byproduct.

Aug 05, 2015, 09:11 ET from Advance Green Technologies

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- has concluded its initial testing of TMT-13™.  TMT-13™ is a coal fuel additive which increases coal efficiencies while decreasing harmful byproducts.  The final detailed report of the findings is expected to be in by the end of August.  The initial comments were "off the charts", "very good", and "you guys should buy a coal mine" according to the Director of the Institution of Combustion Science. 

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There are close to 6 Billion tons of coaled burned yearly throughout the world. TMT-13™ results show significant reductions in toxic emissions.  Advance Green Technologies plans to provide TMT-13™ to power plants across the United States.  The company is actively pursuing pilot programs with these plants after the detailed testing results are in. The first live power plant test is planned to be in Kentucky putting us in close proximity to Western Kentucky University's south campus combustion laboratory known as ICSET. 

The Obama administration unveiled a major climate change plan which focuses on large reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the nation's coal-burning power plants.  Clean Power is the final version of regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Under the plan states will need to meet specific carbon emission reduction standards which are based on energy consumption. "Power plants are the single biggest source of harmful carbon pollution that contributes to climate change," Obama said on Monday.

Advance Green Technologies' President has been reaching out to government officials in Washington D.C. on both sides of the aisle to explain the benefits of TMT-13™ in helping to reduce harmful emissions.  Every Senator and Congressman contacted has agreed it is time to join together and fix this now.  The fear of many state officials is that some of the dirtiest power plants now operating, such as older coal-fired plants, the ones without millions of dollars of emissions filtering systems will end up shuttered due to emission regulations.  The initial results for TMT-13™ demonstrate that these plants can possibly be saved and operated to meet or beat the EPA guidelines, and that thousands of jobs can be saved.


About Advance Green Technologies – is a privately held based US corporation involved in the business of engineering and selling proprietary products, to power plants World Wide.

About Institute of Combustion Science at Western Kentucky The Western Kentucky University Institute of Combustion Science Laboratory is one of the best, if not the best, equipped thermal analysis laboratories in the United States. Since 1987 there have been many research projects conducted in this laboratory, including several federal and industrially related projects.

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