Alabama's AG is Criticized for Recommendations to Weaken Immigration Law

Feb 09, 2012, 04:00 ET from Alabama Federation of Republican Women

All Sections the AG wants to Repeal Are ones that Encourage Illegal Aliens to Flee Alabama

TUSCALOOSA, Ala., Feb. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "Attorney General Luther Strange and GOP followers who say the Legislature should rewrite the popular and wildly successful immigration law to 'make it pass court muster' are betraying their 'handshake with voters,'" stated Elois Zeanah, President of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women. 

"Neither the AG or Legislators know what the U.S. Supreme Court may rule as unconstitutional in the Arizona law, which Alabama used as a model, before the Court rules in May or June.  Legislators should not waste limited time and resources on rewriting the law when it may have to be changed again after the U.S. Supreme Court rules," Zeanah stated.

Zeanah identified seven sections that the Attorney General wants to repeal, stating "These will practically nullify the law's effectiveness.  The AG has a strange desire to even surrender in areas the state is winning."  Sections the AG wants to repeal include:

Citizens can sue government officials who refuse to enforce Alabama's immigration law. This ensures Alabama will not become a sanctuary state.  These sections were not enjoined by either the District or Appeals Court. 

Aliens are required to carry registration documents to prove they are in the country legally.  This has been federal law for decades and other countries require this.  It has been proven that this law does not hurt Alabama's image but improves it and is not a factor in recruiting jobs. 

Landlords cannot knowingly rent to illegal aliens and it is a crime to encourage illegal aliens to move to Alabama.  This provision encourages illegal aliens to leave. 

Courts are prohibited from enforcing contracts with illegal aliens if the party knew the alien was in Alabama unlawfully.  Neither the District nor Appeals Court enjoined this section.

Schools must count the number of children of illegal aliens to help the state better budget education costs.  The Attorney General cited no law this provision violates.

Aliens must show valid ID to get tags and other licenses.  How is showing ID burdensome on law-abiding citizens?

Aliens should show proof of citizenship to register to vote.  Neither Court enjoined this section. 


SOURCE Alabama Federation of Republican Women