Alere Unveils Comprehensive Portfolio to Support Value-Based Care

Alere Accountable Care Solutions Ready to Empower ACO Success through Innovative Technologies and Services

Mar 04, 2013, 07:00 ET from Alere Inc.

WALTHAM, Mass., March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Alere is pleased to announce that it is integrating its broad resources in diagnostics, care management, and health information technology to address the growing demand for improved health outcomes and controlled healthcare costs. This new portfolio, known as Alere Accountable Care Solutions, will offer the market's first suite of payer-neutral, end-to-end solutions designed to improve care coordination for emerging accountable care organizations (ACOs) and provider groups looking to meet CMS "Meaningful Use" requirements. Sumit Nagpal, who formerly led Alere Wellogic, will serve as President and CEO of Alere Accountable Care Solutions.

"Technology is a prerequisite to achieve better care and manage costs, but its potential is often unrealized in spite of great effort and investment. Alere Accountable Care Solutions delivers everything needed to allow healthcare organizations to provide meaningful, accountable, value-driven care," said Ron Zwanziger, CEO of parent company Alere Inc. "Moreover, it is the only company to offer the full range of technology and services required for success in this era of healthcare transformation."

Alere's Health Information Exchange assembles patient information across the healthcare continuum—from in–home diagnostic devices to physician medical records—and creates a single longitudinal health record for each patient. It also enables secure information sharing among a patient's care team, and the company's "Meaningful Use Certified" Electronic Health Record leverages this data to support care planning and coordination that considers a patient's entire history, regardless of venue of care.

The company's Clinical Decision Support solution leverages what is arguably the world's largest library of evidence-based guidelines and activates patient information via patient-specific recommendations and alerts made at the point of care and in between doctor visits. The solution also offers analytics tools that facilitate population assessment, predictive modeling, and risk stratification.

Rounding out the portfolio, Alere diagnostic devices, which enable patients with chronic conditions to monitor themselves at home, provide actionable information to clinicians and care managers that helps to guide therapy and treatment compliance. An integrated Personal Health Record (PHR), complete with wellness, behavior change, and other tools that connect patients to their care providers, is also available and empowers individuals to play a much more active role in their own health improvement.

To date, more than 100 healthcare facilities across the country have implemented solutions from Alere ACS, and the company is planning to deploy its solutions in international markets soon.

"Our holistic approach is designed to blend in seamlessly with existing clinical and administrative systems deployed by participating organizations," said Sumit Nagpal. "We leverage these investments, and enhance them via diagnostic devices in the patient's home along with tools for patients and providers that deliver the right information, evidence-based recommendations, and patient-focused services to the right place at the right time. Our solutions ensure better collaboration and enable care teams to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes more efficiently."

Alere Accountable Care Solutions will be demonstrating its unique offerings in booth 3129 at the Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society conference, March 3 - 6, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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