All-Pro Wide Receiver, Donald Driver, Returns To "Training Camp" With The Wagner FLEXiO Paint Sprayer

Driver Introduces DIYers to the Industry's Most Versatile Hand-Held Sprayer through Challenges of Speed, Precision and Flexibility for Painting Indoors or Out

Jul 25, 2013, 16:38 ET from Wagner SprayTech

NEW YORK, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- All-Pro wide receiver, Donald Driver, has teamed up with Wagner SprayTech Corp., the market leader in advanced paint applicators, for the  launch of  the FLEXiO, the first hand-held sprayer specially designed for spraying paint  indoors or out. After announcing his retirement earlier this year, Driver returned to training camp – DIY training camp – to demonstrate the speed, precision and flexibility of the FLEXiO sprayer at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City on July 24.


Driver and DIYers went through a series of challenges to showcase the superiority of FLEXiO over conventional paint rollers, as well the FLEXiO sprayer's ability to spray any paint, anywhere through its two new patented technologies – the X-Boost turbine and iSpray nozzle.

"As a wide receiver, I can relate to the importance of flexibility, precision and speed," said Driver. "You need the proper tools for a professional performance and as we experienced first-hand at Wagner Training Camp, the FLEXiO is the best tool for painting projects, both indoors and out."

About FLEXiO

The new X-Boost turbine runs at 65,000 rpms and is 3 times more powerful than traditional HVLP units that run at 20,000 rpms. This increased power is controlled with three simple adjustable settings for air flow, pattern and paint thickness. It is 20% lighter than traditional airless sprayers and is as quiet as a hairdryer. 

"The majority of paint sold is for interior projects, but until now there hasn't been a sprayer with enough flexibility and control to paint indoors," says Arti Lyde, product director, Wagner SprayTech. "With adjustable settings on the spray width, fan pattern and turbine speed, the FLEXiO is versatile enough to use in place of brushes and rollers, all while achieving professional results."

The new iSpray nozzle has a patented oval-shaped opening that provides output that is equivalent to three round openings so there is more airflow that speeds up the job and breaks up the thick paint materials to provide a more consistent finish and covers 30% more surface area. It produces a slightly stippled, almost roller-like finish, perfect for interior walls. The iSpray nozzle is designed to provide the power and flexibility to spray all coatings and the air flow of atomized paint is distributed in a column of air vs. a spiral flow which controls overspray to a minimum. The 1.5 quart cup holds enough paint to cover up to 125 square feet per fill and is interchangeable for quick color changes or material changes. Prep work only requires basic masking so ceilings, cabinets, doors and broad interior surfaces can now be sprayed faster and with better coverage and without the tedious effort of a manual brush or a roller.

"Traditionally, spraying indoors has been a big challenge. Sprayers had only one speed and if it was too fast, finer-bodied materials could mist, creating a mess," adds Lyde. "However, with the right tool—one that minimizes overspray and features a variety of precision control settings—there is no reason why painting indoors or outdoors can't be fast, easy and an enjoyable process."

Product Information

FLEXiO Sprayer:
iSpray® Nozzle
1.5 quart wide-mouth cup
Covers up to 125 square feet per fill
X-Boost ®  Turbine with adjustable speed
50 percent quieter
20 percent lighter

FLEXiO Sprayers by Wagner are available at home improvement stores and online. Visit for more information on FLEXiO and other Wagner SprayTech products.

About Wagner SprayTech

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