Americans Support Cooperative Approach on North American Trade and Climate Issues -- Strong Backing for Trade

Aug 07, 2009, 16:05 ET from Canadian American Business Council

U.S. Survey Commissioned by the Canadian American Business Council and Conducted by FD

WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On the eve of talks between President Obama and the leaders of Canada and Mexico, a new survey of U.S. voters conducted by communications consultancy FD for the Canadian American Business Council (CABC) shows strong support for a cooperative approach on free trade and North American climate change, with close to two thirds backing free trade with Canada as a way to create jobs.

"The results show Americans supporting a sophisticated approach on the big issues of the economy and climate change," said Maryscott Greenwood, Executive Director of the CABC. "What they are saying is they want policymakers to work together on climate, at the same time continuing to support the economic policies that are working."

According to the results of the poll, on the economy 61 percent of American registered voters want to continue free trade with Canada to create jobs. 31 percent favor trade restrictions.

On climate change a joint approach had overwhelming support, with 65 percent saying North American countries should be working together on a joint plan to address climate change. 26 percent said each country was better off developing their own plans.

"On the big economic issues, Americans want to see the leaders working together," said Don Millar, Managing Director of FD and head of the firm's Canadian unit, FD Element. "The special relationship between Canada and the United States is evident on free trade. At the same time voters see climate change is about more than the environment, it's also a pocketbook issue, and they want to see their leaders working together to solve it."

Methodology: The CABC/FD poll was conducted by telephone from August 4-6, 2009 among a random, representative sample of 800 registered voters, age 18 and older (margin of error +/- 3.5 %).

To obtain complete poll results, please see attached.

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                                   FD U.S. NATIONAL POLL
                Nationally Representative Sample of 800 Registered Voters
                                    August 4-6, 2009
                         Overall Margin of Error = +/- 3.5%

    A. Gender
    Gender                              Total
    Female                              52%
    Male                                48%

    B. In what year were you born?
    Age                                 Total
    18-29                               18%
    30-44                               28%
    45-54                               19%
    55-64                               18%
    65+                                 17%

    C. For statistical purposes only, could you please tell me your
    ethnic background?
    Ethnicity                           Total
    White/Caucasian                     75%
    African-American/Black              11%
    Hispanic/Latino                     10%
    Asian-American/Asian                 1%
    Native American                      1%
    Other (Specify)                      1%
    Don't Know / Refused                 1%

    D. Would state records show that you are CURRENTLY registered to vote?
    Registered to Vote                  Total
    Yes                                 100%

    1. Thinking about the economy, I want to read you two opinions about
    jobs in America and see which comes CLOSER to your own...

    61%  Some people say we need to continue free trade policies
         between the United States and Canada because they will help
         create more demand in Canada for U.S. products and services,
         which will create more jobs in the U.S.
    31%  Other people say we need to implement more policies that restrict
         free trade between the United States and Canada and focus on
         protecting the American economy and jobs from Canadian imports
         that benefit Canada's economy but take jobs from the U.S.
    7%   Don't Know
    1%   Refused

    2. As you may know, President Obama will be meeting with the President of
    Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada. One of the issues they will
    discuss is how to address the issue of climate change. I would now like
    to read you two opinions about this issue and see which comes CLOSER to
    your own...

    65%  Some people say the United States, Canada and Mexico should all work
         together on a joint plan to address climate change.
    26%  Other people say the United States, Canada and Mexico should each
         develop and pursue their own plans to address climate change.
    6%   Don't Know
    3%   Refused
    Emma Rigby
    Deputy Director
    202 496 7906

    Don Millar
    FD Element
    604 240 1290

SOURCE Canadian American Business Council