'America's Top Cop' John Timoney Joins LifeShield Security as its Chairman of the LifeShield Law Enforcement Advisory Council

The former New York, Philadelphia and Miami Police Chief will offer LifeShield customers a police insider's look at how burglars case residences, find weak points and ultimately choose the homes they target

Jan 19, 2011, 14:08 ET from LifeShield Security

YARDLEY, Pa., Jan. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Crowned "America's Top Cop" by Esquire Magazine in its June 2000 issue, John Timoney has a lot to say on the subject of crime prevention. Timoney is a seasoned law enforcement executive who most recently served as Chief of the Miami Police Department (2003-2010). Previously, he was Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department (1998-2003), and also held a variety of positions within the New York Police Department (1967-1998), including its Chief of Department and First Deputy Commissioner.

Already a fan and personal user of its total home protection system, Timoney forged a relationship with LifeShield Security (www.LifeShield.com), the first national, all-digital, professional-grade and professionally-monitored wireless home security system. LifeShield management was also in the process of assembling an advisory board to help guide business direction and product development and realized Timoney was the clear choice to head the board.

"I wouldn't support anything if I didn't believe in it, and I wouldn't believe in anything until I've examined it, and I've examined the LifeShield system. I know the people involved in the company, and I use it, so I know the systems are very good. For these reasons, I am happy to advise on and endorse such a product," noted Timoney. "LifeShield is affordable for the average family. Other home security systems are not up to par, so they are a real waste of money for people. They are referred to by the criminal class as 'toy systems.' It's a bluff, for want of a better term, because they're really not effective."

"Timoney is precisely the kind of tough-on-crime person we want advising us - and our customers -- on a regular basis," said Mike Hagan, CEO of LifeShield. "LifeShield now has a seasoned, nationally-renowned, career police officer helping us and our customers to truly understand the criminal mind which in turn, helps us to improve our product offering and ultimately, the safety of our customers. We are grateful to have him as an advisor and friend to the business."

Timoney's official new role is as Chairman of the LifeShield Law Enforcement Advisory Council at LifeShield Security. To the company, his involvement as an advisor will be very valuable. His knowledge gained over decades fighting crime in several of America's toughest cities will help to guide product development and educate management on how the criminal mind really works. He will also be able to share information with LifeShield customers on how burglars case residences, find weak points and ultimately choose the homes they target.

"John is a tremendous asset to us. I like to think of his input as 'legal insider information' - on criminals that is," added Louis Stilp, COO, LifeShield Security. "The LifeShield system offers the most advanced technology on the market, and while we are always working to keep up with new technologies and improve what the system is capable of doing, you just can't beat getting guidance straight from one of the savviest law enforcement professionals out there."

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