Analysis of the Global Metrology Probes and Scanners Market

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Analysis of the Global Metrology Probes and Scanners Market

Product Introductions Boost Market Growth

This research service provides a detailed analysis of the global metrology probes and scanners market. This assessment includes forecasts, an overview of the competitive structure and competitors' market share as well as end-user and segment analyses. Market drivers and restraints are assessed for their impact throughout the forecast period, 2013 to 2017. End-user segments are also analyzed. The market is expected to grow consistently throughout the forecast period, with a key focus on automotive, aerospace and machines shops. Furthermore, executive summary and conclusions have been provided. The base year is 2012.

Executive Summary

• In 2012, the total metrology probes and scanners market earned a revenue of $Xmillion with a growth rate ofX% over 2011.
• Arriving at an average industry price for metrology probes is a challenge because prices can be as low as a $X and as high as $X. Applications within the industry are very important in pricing because they influence the type, size, materials used, and the level of engineering.
• Although the economy has been experiencing growth over the past few years, its cyclical nature means that a decline in activity is imminent. Manufacturers serving end-user industries that follow the trend of the economy should look for other areas to increase their business. For example, companies are building their portfolio in the retrofit market.
• Consolidation allows companies to increase their strengths and gives them access to segments of the market that were not available to them before. Consolidation causes significant market challenges for smaller companies. Hexagon Metrology is one of the companies that believe in acquisitions and has increased its market share in the metrology probes and scanners market considerably in the recent years.

CEO's Perspective

1. Greater importance is expected to be given to software capabilities.
2. Asia-Pacific is a high growth potential region, with India and China being the key growth engines.
3. Significant R&D investment is required to develop accurate roving systems.
4. With the evolving end-user technologies, simplicity in operation of the probing systems is required.
5. Pricing pressures continue to challenge. Vendors that are now implementing technological advancements in a bid to win the price war.

Growth Drivers

What are the factors driving growth in the segments?
Total Market: Technology advancement toward precision and repeatability
Scanners: OEMs' focus on integration of scanners along with the CMMs
Metrology Probes: Focus on product introductions

Trend Implication Analysis

Economic Uncertainty
So What ? Poor investor confidence on account of uncertain macroeconomic indicators is limiting CAPEX spending.

Growth Regions
So What ? The off-shoring of manufacturing to emerging economies, such as India, China, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, is increasing demand for probes and scanners attached to CMMs.

Tie up with Renishaw
So What ? OEMs have ongoing partnerships with Renishaw to integrate their probes with the OEM equipment.

Dominance by Renishaw
So What ? Key OEMs, including Hexagon Metrology and Carl Zeiss, are expected to increase their footprint in the metrology probes and scanners market, thereby challenging Renishaw's growth.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

Is the metrology probes and scanners market growing? How long will it continue to grow, and at what rate?
Are the existing competitors structured correctly to meet customer needs?
What does the future hold for metrology probes and scanners market?
What does the competitive landscape look like?
Which of the regional market represents most of the growth opportunities for metrology probes and scanners?
Which of the end-user market represents the strongest growth opportunities for metrology probes and scanners?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Market Overview
3. Total Metrology Probes and Scanners Market
o External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
o Forecasts and Trends
o Market Share and Competitive Analysis
4. Metrology Probes Segment Breakdown
5. Scanners Segment Breakdown
6. North America Breakdown
7. Europe Breakdown
8. Asia-Pacific Breakdown
9. Emerging Markets Breakdown
10. The Last Word
11. Appendix

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