Analysis on Select Global Residential Air Treatment Systems Market

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Analysis on Select Global Residential Air Treatment Systems Market

Definition of Residential Air Treatment Systems

For the purposes of this research, residential air treatment systems are portable systems and are defined as the following: • Ultraviolet Air Purifiers • Ion Generators and Ozone Generators • Electrostatic Precipitators • Hybrid Air Purifiers • Charged Media Filters • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters • Others (any other new or upcoming technology)


• Verify Markets held extensive discussions with key market participants across the globe that had made significant contributions to the residential air treatment industry. • The research methodology used includes both bottom up as well as top down methodology. • The whole exercise was spread over the following phases: • Exploratory research for identifying the market participants and their corresponding first cut market share. • Both primary and secondary research to capture market demographics in terms of spread, segmentation, and share of each of the market participants identified above. • Several secondary sources like trade publications, company websites, online databases, press releases and others were used for this analysis.

About Verify Market

Verify Markets is a research firm specializing in Industrial, Environmental, Energy and Water markets. Our Research and Consulting practice provides global industry analysis, custom engagements, end-user analysis, strategy consulting, strategic market intelligence, and forecasts that are designed to facilitate strategic decision-making. Our team of consultants, industry experts and analysts continually monitor and evaluate information to create insights for your business needs.Table of Contents Country Coverage

Definition of Residential Air Treatment Systems

Key Global Trends

Global Market Size 2010

Global Revenue Forecasts

Regions Covered:

South Korea

• South Korea Market Drivers and Restraints

• South Korea Revenue Forecasts

• South Korea Market Shares by Revenue

• South Korea Market and Pricing Trends


• Taiwan Market Drivers and Restraints

• Taiwan Revenue Forecasts

• Taiwan Market Shares by Revenue

• Taiwan Market and Pricing Trends Asia

• Asia Revenue Forecasts

China • China Market Drivers and Restraints • China Revenue Forecasts • China Market Shares by Revenue • China Market and Pricing Trends


India Market Drivers and Restraints

• India Revenue Forecasts

• India Market Shares by Revenue

India Market and Pricing Trends

Japan • Japan Market Drivers and Restraints • Japan Revenue Forecasts • Japan Market Shares by Revenue • Japan Market and Pricing Trends


• Malaysia Market Drivers and Restraints

• Malaysia Revenue Forecasts

• Malaysia Market Shares by Revenue

• Malaysia Market and Pricing Trends

Thailand • Thailand Market Drivers and Restraints • Thailand Revenue Forecasts • Thailand Market Shares by Revenue • Thailand Market and Pricing Trends


• Singapore Market Drivers and Restraints

• Singapore Revenue Forecasts

• Singapore Market Shares by Revenue

• Singapore Market and Pricing Trends

North America • North America Revenue Forecasts

United States

• U.S. Market Drivers and Restraints

• U.S. Revenue Forecasts

• U.S. Market Shares by Revenue

• U.S. Market and Pricing Trends

Canada • Canada Market Drivers and Restraints • Canada Revenue Forecasts• Canada Market Shares by Revenue • Canada Market and Pricing Trends Western Europe • Western Europe Revenue Forecasts United Kingdom France Germany Italy Iberia Benelux Scandinavia Alpine Region Turkey Eastern Europe • Eastern Europe Revenue Forecasts Russia Poland Slovakia Company Profiles

Scope of Research: Country Coverage

Western Europe: Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Italy, Iberia (Spain and Portugal), Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark) , Alpine region (Switzerland and Austria), and Turkey. • Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovakia, Russia. • North America: U.S and Canada. • Asia: China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand.

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