App Annie Expands Its Platform To Include Free App Store Optimization And Advertising Analytics For Over 20 Ad Platforms

Publishers and Marketers Can Now Optimize Both User Acquisition and App Discovery Strategies In One Unified Dashboard

May 06, 2014, 09:00 ET from App Annie

SAN FRANCISCO, May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- App Annie, the worldwide leader in analytics and market data for the app economy, today announced two new products for its analytics platform - App Store Optimization (ASO) and Advertising Analytics. Together, these two new additions make App Annie the most complete app marketing dashboard available for app publishers.

App Annie already helps publishers with 'organic app discovery' by tracking an app's ranking inside Top Charts and on Featured Placements. Now App Annie is introducing free keyword search analytics into the same platform, allowing any publisher to track the search ranking of an app by keyword across stores in multiple countries. According to Forrester, 63 percent of iOS users discover apps by searching in the Apple App store, and it's a channel that is becoming increasingly important for publishers to drive quality installs into their app. On Google Play, 58 percent discover new apps through search.

Additionally, App Annie is now helping publishers with 'paid app discovery,' having built the most robust platform for aggregating mobile advertising data. App Annie has integrated over 20 ad platforms including all of the major players such as Admob, Ad Colony, InMobi and RevMob. Combined with the app store data that Analytics also tracks, the unified dashboard provides a complete view of a publisher's entire app business, including combined app and ad revenues, total ad spend, and app download and ranking data.

"In-app advertising is one of the most rapidly-growing sources of revenue, but advertising technologies are greatly fragmented and difficult to navigate for publishers," said App Annie CEO Bertrand Schmitt. "While advertising is beginning to rival freemium as a leading method of generating revenue, publishers will benefit greatly from being able to analyze their advertising data in a holistic sense: next to app store data, with ad data from more than 20 platforms. The addition of keyword optimization tools makes App Annie's platform the most comprehensive app marketing tool available in the world and we are thrilled to see these additions go live today."

App Annie Advertising Analytics

As the mobile app market matures, app publishers continue to look for more effective ways to acquire users and the revenue models that will work best for monetizing them. App Annie's most recent joint report with IDC showed that in-app advertising is outpacing both mobile and PC browser-based ads in revenue growth, making it the next important growth model. However, the mobile advertising industry is still young and faces huge challenges in terms of tracking, standards, fragmentation and attribution.

Until now, there weren't any tools that allowed publishers to see how their apps and placements are performing holistically. Now, publishers can combine revenues and downloads from the iOS, Google Play and Amazon App Stores, with advertising data from over 20 ad platforms, to gain deep insights into their user acquisition and paid advertising strategies.

The new free offering allows app publishers to:

  • Combine revenue and user acquisition data from all their ad platforms in one unified dashboard automatically without having to log into separate accounts to manually aggregate their data.
  • Analyze their user acquisition strategy by evaluating marketing efforts across all their ad platforms to see how their campaigns are impacting downloads, rankings and revenue.
  • Get a complete view on the revenues generated by their app both directly through store purchases as well as from advertising monetization.
  • Be up and running without any technical integration; no APIs, no SDKs.
  • Integrate with 20+ Ad platforms: iAd, AdMob, MdotM, TapIt, Chartboost, Tapjoy, AdColony, InMobi, RevMob, Millennial Media, AppLovin, Everyplay GameAds, LifeStreet Media, AppLift, Appia, Taptica, LeadBolt, NativeX, and more.

FDG Entertainment Co-founder and Executive Producer Philipp Döschl uses App Annie Analytics to track download, revenue and advertising data for popular titles Banana Kong and Cover Orange: Journey. The entire App Annie platform is free, requires no SDK, and doesn't affect end-users, making it an excellent solution for data-tracking needs. "I already checked my app store data every day with App Annie, so when they added support for ad networks, it became the go-to place to get my data," said Philipp. "App Annie Ad Analytics helps FDG Entertainment focus on making games instead of collecting data. Having all of our app store and ad platform data in a single dashboard saves FDG Entertainment a significant amount of time every day, and frees up precious analyst resources."

App Annie App Store Optimization (ASO)

Another critical problem for app publishers today is getting their app discovered from amongst the millions of apps available on the app stores. Whether it's tracking keyword rankings for your app or analyzing your competitors for specific keywords or keyword alternatives, it is imperative to have a tool that will help you identify high-level opportunities. Armed with this information, publishers can evaluate how their ASO strategy is performing and make improvements to their app's meta-data to increase organic install volume.

App Annie now helps publishers understand which keywords their apps are ranking for, which keywords their competitors are ranking for, and which keywords have the best opportunity for discoverability. This is done through two new product features: Keyword Top Charts and Top Keywords by App. With this free tool, app publishers and user acquisition managers will be able to understand and optimize their organic search, ultimately driving downlownloads and user acquisition.

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