Applied CleanTech Sewage-Mining Technology Company Announces Partnership With Vert-Energy Mexico

Applied CleanTech, the unique provider of sewage-mining systems in wastewater treatment plants, teams up with Vert-Energy to distribute systems throughout Mexico. The value of the transaction is estimated at over $16 million during the next 5 years

Mar 04, 2013, 09:00 ET from Applied CleanTech

JERUSALEM, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Applied CleanTech (ACT), the unique provider of sewage-mining technology for wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), announced its partnership with Vert-Energy, a company dedicated to applying new technologies in sustainable energy in Mexico. According to the agreement Vert-Energy will introduce ACT's new wastewater treatment solutions throughout Mexico.

ACT's Sewage Recycling System (SRS™) solution recycles wastewater bio-solids on-site, increasing wastewater treatment plant efficiency, thus yielding immediate financial benefits: the reduced amount of sludge formation, which also reduces electric and chemical consumption, constitutes major long-term savings in sewage treatment costs for WWTPs. Moreover, bio-solids extracted from the wastewater are recycled instantaneously, creating a new product, automatically packed into a reusable and resalable commodity - Recyllose™. The sale of Recyllose™ yields long-term future revenues, serving as an energy-efficient bio-fuel; as an economical additive for the pulp and paper industry; and as feedstock for the bio-plastics industry. An additional benefit, particularly in Mexico, is through carbon credits, earned via ACT's sustainable technology (reducing GHG emissions) implemented in developing countries.

The revolutionary innovation of ACT's sewage-mining and recycling technology is its dual function - it both extracts and recycles the bio-solids, thus creating an untapped source of profit in the traditional market of wastewater treatment.

Placing their first SRS™ order from ACT, Vert-Energy will introduce, install and support the SRS™ solutions throughout Mexico, and will manage the promotion of Recyllose™.

"Vert-Energy is a natural strategic partner of ACT in Mexico. We share the same core values as ACT, and we are confident that their solutions will dramatically improve wastewater treatment in Mexico, helping to preserve the environment, while reducing costs for our clients. I am proud to announce this partnership and I foresee a financially viable future for both of our companies," said Vert-Energy CEO, Fernando Delgado.

Dr. Refael Aharon, CEO of ACT said: "Vert-Energy of Mexico is the first to join our mutual aim in spearheading the WWTP revolution as a profitable business model. We have created great synergy between the two companies, and our partnership with Vert-Energy with its expertise in WWTPs, marks a significant opportunity in Mexico."

About Vert Energy Solutions

Vert-Energy Solutions is a Mexican company whose mission is to develop and implement high-tech, innovative and economically viable solutions for treating wastewater, while also helping clients preserve the environment.

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About Applied CleanTech

ACT, a privately-owned U.S. company founded in 2007, which has developed a unique and revolutionary technology for sewage-mining, turns wastewater treatment plants into recycling plants. ACT's innovative approach yields new money in an old traditional market, with sustainable financial benefits from WWTP operational savings, Recyllose commercialization, and eligibility for GHG-reduction carbon credits.

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