Armed Forces Foundation Response to Erroneous Story by ESPN Mike Fish

May 21, 2015, 23:20 ET from Armed Forces Foundation

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Armed Forces Foundation (AFF) is extremely proud of its work and achievements on behalf of this nation's veterans. The one-sided reporting of ESPN makes accusations that are blatantly and demonstrably false. Representatives from our organization asked ESPN for additional information and for a reasonable time period before publication to investigate its claims, but those requests were denied. In order to publish its pre-conceived story line, ESPN demonstrated no interest in a fair, balanced and factually accurate account, electing instead to rush a sensational and erroneous story to publication. If ESPN had followed proper journalistic practices and afforded  AFF a reasonable opportunity to respond to the accusations, AFF would have been able to discredit them; as AFF was able to do with respect to the few allegations mentioned by ESPN prior to publication. The baseless reporting by Mike Fish and ESPN is an unfair and unjustified assault on the great work AFF and its volunteers undertake on a daily basis in an effort to serve our men and women in uniform. AFF does not intend to allow its reputation to become a victim of reckless and irresponsible journalism.

The following statement was provided to Mr. Fish and his editor before their deadline which was ignored in their reporting:  

The Armed Forces Foundation (AFF) is deeply committed to its mission: serving our nation's veterans. As part of that commitment we follow best practices for non-profits and adhere to the rules, regulations and laws that govern our organization. AFF is not a person, it is a cause, that many are dedicated to, including our board members and our other outstanding volunteers. Our board, as well as our executive and finance committees, put in place internal controls with consultation with our outside accountants and auditors, to uphold in every way our responsibility to the organization, its donors and partners, and most importantly the veterans and their families we serve. Furthermore, in accordance with our policies and procedures, an outside audit firm reviews our accounting to ensure full compliance. We are confident in our systems and controls, even as we seek to constantly improve, which is inherent in the culture of any good organization. AFF is proud of its track-record and the excellent grades we receive from watchdogs such as Charity Navigator that evaluate non-profit accountability, performance and transparency; we remain vigilant in running an organization that serves the interests of the men and women of our armed forces.  

SOURCE Armed Forces Foundation