AYEFI, Smart Versatile Device, Unveiled at CES

Jan 09, 2015, 23:46 ET from AYEIM

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ayeim unveils AYEFI, the smart versatile device, at CES the biggest international show for consumer electronics. The Ayefi smart device provides unique features such as safety, engagement, fashion, being connected and many more. The product comes with and without a cellular connection thus providing the option to avoid unnecessary recurring bills. It has built-in display, gps, wifi, camera and alert button functions. While this could be used by anyone, the immediate beneficiaries are senior citizens, families with kids and outdoor enthusiasts. The device can be used to monitor kids or patients to provide attention, alert, while the user can also use it for engagement, education or fashion display for personal or smart home usage. The platform provides a variety of programs for kids and adults to engage, self-educate, and keep mental and physical balance. The product has unique strengths in comparison to other leading brands launching their products at this time.

The product has drawn good interest from potential customers, distributors and investors. Ayeim also displayed the accessories such as a Smart bag and a Solar power charger which some customers found attractive. Some major potential partners have shown interest for joint-venture programs and the products have the prospect for wider release soon. The CES show provided feedback and opportunities from global attendees for strengthening the product launch. Some of the notable comments included 'cool,' 'the device to gift to a loved one to be connected when they need' and 'valuable.'

Ayeim has also been working on bringing a lighter version of a wearable to wear on the wrist later this year. The other future cutting-edge feature is the integrated solar power charger for the device giving it an independent source of power. Ayeim has a technology partnership with Yesj Expert for the smart device's software solutions and its connectivity cloud platform which provides more features for the customer such as data storage, data analysis, content management and other retail solutions. Yesj Expert has been providing innovative solutions to companies in retail, content management and data management and has plans for other innovative benefits to Ayefi device users.

Ayeim is involved in smart township projects where it intends to implement Ayefi series of smart products for the smart home and community infrastructure.

AYEIM is a venture management company with ventures in sustainability and hi-tech globally. Ayefi is a trademark of Ayeim.