Azantis launches Liquid Krill Oil

AquaKrill Oil ™ is ideal to mix into smoothies, water and other drinks.

"You shake it, mix it, drink it."

Mar 05, 2013, 15:49 ET from Azantis Inc.

BOULDER, Colo., March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Novel supplement specialist Azantis Inc. announces the immediate availability of AquaKrill Oil; Krill Oil that is fully dispersed in water. The Omega-3 rich Liquid Krill Oil is ideally formulated for mixing with water, smoothies and other drinks, and has a natural sweet, orange flavor. Two lead customers have launched retail sales of AquaKrill Oil on their websites. The water soluble Krill Oil is also available in liquid bulk to supplement resellers for unique packaging and to formulators for water based blends.

"AquaKrill is a unique line extension that allows the use of Krill Oil in water based mixtures. It's also an ideal form of Krill Oil for kids," says John Schoonbrood, President of Azantis Inc. "We have worked two years on the development and the end result is a drinkable Krill Oil product with a natural orange flavor, and no fishy taste."

AquaKrill is Krill Oil in liposomal form. This means that the natural Krill Oil Phospholipids have been structured into microscopic oil droplets, which are then evenly dispersed in water. AquaKrill holds 25% Pure Antarctic Krill Oil in a water solution. The recommended daily dose is 4 ml per day, which is equivalent to two 500 mg Krill Oil softgel capsules. The Liquid Krill Oil is sold retail in 120 ml (4 oz.) bottles; good for one month supply.

"We are very excited about our new Omega-3 Krill Oil product," says Melanie Conroy, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Azantis Inc. "It's good in smoothies, water, and shakes. It's good for children and the elderly. It's good for everyone who hates pills. You shake it, mix it, drink it."

Interested retail consumers can buy liquid AquaKrill Oil at, or branded as Liquid Krill Oil at

About Azantis:

Azantis is a specialist in innovative supplements and is located in Boulder, Colorado. Azantis' main products are Krill Oil and Krill Oil Specialty blends.

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