Bellevue Financial Advisor Reveals the Truth About Life Insurance

Jan 07, 2014, 09:30 ET from Fortitude Financial Group

SEATTLE, Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Carter Gray, founder of Fortitude Financial Group, has released his newest website, to show people how life insurance can be used to protect their legacy.

The life insurance world has many concepts pertaining to how people can utilize its cash value. Gray recognizes that many individuals don't understand the intricacies between different contracts of life insurance, which leads to many missed opportunities to use life insurance to its full potential.

"I have 13 years of experience assisting clients with their finances, and life insurance is a topic many of them don't fully understand," said Gray. "At Fortitude Financial Group, we believe it's important to know all the options life insurance has to offer so people can make the best decision for their financial future."

Gray highlights the features of life insurance including:

  • The correct way to calculate the amount of insurance needed
  • Getting benefits added to policies at no additional cost
  • Major differences between term and permanent life insurance
  • How to receive benefits when the insured is still alive

Along with detailing the secret advantages of life insurance, Gray also explains the importance of having a financial advisor assist people with their life insurance choices.  

"A financial advisor should create strategies and solutions to help people get the most out of their hard-earned money. With this website, people will discover that life insurance is an excellent tool to leave behind a promising legacy," said Gray.

Carter Gray is a Chartered Life Underwriter, a graduate of the University of Washington, and an educator of Patrick Kelly's concepts. Along with life insurance, he specializes in tax diversification, case design, and portfolio development. Contact Carter Gray at (425) 246-1676,, or visit

SOURCE Fortitude Financial Group