BitVoyant appoints Jared Novick as CEO

Aug 04, 2015, 09:15 ET from BitVoyant

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BitVoyant LLC, a leading-edge provider of proactive cyber defense solutions, announced today that it has appointed Jared Novick as CEO of the company. Novick comes to BitVoyant from the National Security community with a unique track record in transitioning sensitive technologies from the government world to the private sector. With his experience in managing public-private partnerships, he is the perfect addition to the organization to help bring BitVoyant technology to the commercial market from the government sector.

Novick's initial focus will be on replicating BitVoyant's proprietary platform and suite of capabilities for proactive cyber defense in the commercial world. The technologies will provide the ability for enterprise customers to protect their reputations, brands, intellectual property assets and customers in a unique way.

"I'm delighted to join and lead BitVoyant," said Novick. "We have an exciting opportunity to utilize successful tactics and technologies originally built for government applications in delivering our services and products to commercial clients. Our approach is proven, trusted and forensically sound."

"If you've called an incident response company, you're already behind the ball," says Novick. "You don't stop car accidents by getting a faster ambulance. Current systems and methodologies are designed to prevent breaches using filters, signatures and block lists. All necessary, but not the panacea we all hope for. You can almost guarantee that every enterprise network has already been compromised. If not by outsiders acting along, then with the help of insiders. That's life."

"We believe we have a differentiated cyber defense strategy relative to the competition," said Novick. "We're proactive all the time. We understand the human side as well as the technology side, and we understand the behavior of adversaries. So our systems have been honed to take that behavior into account as we work directly with clients to keep them safe."

Over the next few weeks, BitVoyant will emerge from stealth mode with real world case studies from private sector organizations that have been using the technology under a special license that gave them early access.

About BitVoyant 
BitVoyant delivers a proactive cyber defense platform and service to confront industrial espionage and protect clients' reputations, brands, assets and customers. All BitVoyant solutions include Cyber Neighborhood Watch, a service that continuously monitors the Internet for indicators of compromise and evidence of unsanctioned activity indicative of a breach. Cyber Neighborhood Watch is bundled with the BitVoyant platform and reinforces additional company offerings.

BitVoyant's name is comprised of the word "Bit," the computer science measurement of data, and the word "Clairvoyant," which describes the ability to perceive events in the future. True to its name, BitVoyant aims to identify threats ahead of time, and then do something about it.


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