Black Duck Software Unveils Android Fast Start Program

Automates and Ensures Compliance, Simplifies Operational Challenges

Mar 07, 2011, 09:00 ET from Black Duck Software

WALTHAM, Mass., March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Black Duck Software today announced the availability of Android Fast Start, a bundled software and service offering designed to help Android developers automate and ensure compliance and simplify the operational challenges of managing Android projects. Android Fast Start saves months of ramp-up time, provides on-going cost and time savings with timely updates for future Android releases, and enables development organizations to ship with confidence that they are in compliance with company policies and legal obligations. Black Duck Software is the leading global provider of products and services for automating the management, governance and secure use of open source software in a multi-source development process.  

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Android is a complex open source project made up of more than 165 components, 80,000 files, and 2 GB of code under 19 different licenses. The code base evolves rapidly, with many developers and companies contributing on a regular basis.  Android Fast Start provides unprecedented visibility and control of Android, simplifies change management and ensures and automates compliance, so development organizations can focus their resources on adding value to the Android stack and ship their products with confidence.

Black Duck Android Fast Start includes a custom configured version of the Black Duck Suite, the industry's leading platform for management and governance of open source software in a multi-source development process, populated with detailed Android component information. Customers also receive expert "Android-Ready" Professional Services for rapid deployment, integration and configuration of the solution in their environment, including build-system integration and customized workflows.

Benefits of Android Fast Start include enabling development teams to:

  • Instantly implement an "out of the box" management and compliance platform, pre-populated with Android, saving months of ramp-up time.
  • Easily assimilate changes in frequent releases of Android (occurring roughly every three months).
  • Increase the efficiency of supply-chain logistics by providing ecosystem partners with detailed reports on the composition of Android-based software.
  • Ship with confidence by simplifying and automating the operational and compliance challenges of using an open source platform with over 165 components and 19 licenses, not all OSI-approved.

"Android has rapidly become a leading platform for mobile innovation by offering developers rich, varied and flexible components. Innovation is made possible by rapid enhancements and significant releases, which require management and control," said Bill McQuaide, EVP of Products and Strategy, Black Duck Software. "We believe Android Fast Start is an essential tool for developers in the Android device ecosystem who want to ramp up quickly while reducing the operational and compliance challenges related to developing for this platform."

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Black Duck Software is the leading provider of products and services for automating the management, governance and secure use of open source software, at enterprise scale, in a multi-source development process. Black Duck™ enables companies to shorten time-to-solution and reduce development costs while mitigating the management, compliance and security challenges associated with open source software. Black Duck Software powers, the industry's leading code search engine for open source, and, the largest free public directory of open source software and a vibrant web community of free and open source software developers and users. Black Duck is among the 400 largest software companies in the world, according to The company is headquartered near Boston and has offices in San Mateo, California, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Beijing. For more information, visit

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