Bloosky Interactive Acquires Tracking202

Nov 24, 2009, 17:44 ET from Bloosky Interactive

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Bloosky Interactive, a privately-held multi-channel marketing company, announced today that it has acquired Tracking202 Inc., and all of its subsidiaries, in a cash transaction. This acquisition boosts Bloosky's standing in the affiliate marketing space and positions the company as one of the top distribution resources on the web.

The acquisition of Tracking202 is the most recent of more than five strategic acquisitions Bloosky has orchestrated in the past two years. These partnerships and a diverse suite of products and services have allowed Bloosky to have significant growth and to remain extremely competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

Tracking202's technology and more than 22,000 member base will provide synergy to Bloosky's agency resources that already include creative marketing, optimization services, compliance controls, analytics, a product development lab, and a proprietary technology platform capable of supporting over 100,000 direct-to-consumer sales daily.

This move will increase Bloosky's global reach and provide enhanced revenue opportunities for its advertising clientele.

"The acquisition of Tracking202 will help position Bloosky as a global distribution center with diversified resources and channels. Bloosky's vendors and partners are the ones who will reap the greatest reward from this acquisition. Our relationships and broad-based reach will translate into high-volume response rates, sustainable revenue, and high quality customer transactions," said Matt Cook, CEO of Bloosky Interactive.

The executive team from Tracking202 has signed a multi-year contract to fulfill their vision and continue building the 202 business with the additional resources and funding that Bloosky Interactive now brings to the table.

Clients and affiliates of Tracking202 will continue to benefit from the free open-source technology, exceptional service, and integrated community that have played such an integral part in their success. There will be no interruption or change in service, and Tracking202 will continue to operate from its San Francisco location.

Wes Mahler and Steven Truong, co-founders of Tracking202, stated, "Wes and I are staying on board to continue our vision of what we believe Tracking202 should have been since day one. This deal gives us an equity stake in Bloosky and allows us to gain valuable resources necessary to continue doing what we do best. Above all else, Bloosky shares the same passion, values, and vision we have, which is one of the key reasons we were excited to do this deal. We now have more resources and funding which will allow us to accelerate the growth of the technology, as we will be able to build faster and bring more tools to help the affiliate community as a whole."

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Both companies are excited about the opportunity to combine their innovative expertise with the dynamic work-hard attitude that has made them both immensely successful.

About Bloosky Interactive

Bloosky Interactive is a multi-channel marketing company that generates high-volume, high-quality customers for its clients. Capabilities include:

  • A comprehensive proprietary platform that integrates list management, email delivery, campaign management, customer transactions, and telesales distribution
  • 220 million+ unique customer records, with an average daily feed of more than 3 million new records
  • 180 seat telesales center in Utah and more than 1500 telesales seats overseas, receiving on average of 100,000 leads per day
  • 300 live campaigns hosted in its blooads network, generating 2.5 million unique actions per month
  • 34 partners in its exclusive publishing network, delivering fully compliant campaigns to more than 60 million direct customers per day
  • More than 40 proprietary web properties across multiple verticals, including debt, education, auto, finance, insurance, and health/beauty.
  • A skillful media team experienced with high-grossing placements through media networks such as Facebook, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo.

About Tracking202

Tracking202 was founded in 2007 as a PPC analytics tracking software for the online marketing industry. Tracking202 offers both free and premium high quality analytics software that assists pay-per-click marketers with tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and managing their online marketing efforts. Although Tracking202 started as a PPC analytics tracking software company, today, it offers several different software services to help online marketers succeed with their online campaigns. Tracking is still the flagship product of the company but now Tracking202 offers an array of software to help publishers optimize and generate more revenue.

Built around the concept of community, Tracking202 has also created meetup groups around the world to bring like-minded online marketers together to network and innovate and have thus propelled the performance marketing industry's growth significantly. This combination of technology and community have proved to be invaluable in the success of Tracking202 as well as the entire performance marketing space and effectively.

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