BOMBAY SAPPHIRE sparks chain of inspiration and imagination of five Canadian artists

Oct 04, 2012, 06:55 ET from Bombay Sapphire

TORONTO, Oct. 4, 2012 /CNW/ - Through a creative collaboration that connected the minds of five artists from five different mediums, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE's Artist2Artist program followed a chain of imagination where each artist's creation was inspired by the one before it.  The artistic journey began with the iconic blue bottle and culminated in an innovative Bombay Sapphire cocktail.

"Imagination is at the core of Bombay Sapphire, not only in how it's made and how it looks, but in how it inspires others," said Raj Nagra, global brand ambassador, Bombay Sapphire.  "We have a long history of engaging consumers in programs that challenge them to invent, explore and design.  Artist2Artist is Bombay Sapphire's newest program that sought to make individuals think differently."

From the iconic blue bottle, Montreal-based visual artist Jody Hargreaves was taken to a place of water, reflection and dreams, inspiring him to paint his best friend like a dream girl.  The resulting painting brought the themes of energy and drive to the minds of musical duo Southern Shores, originally from Halifax, and inspired them to compose an original song, Malabar, with an upbeat tempo and dynamic rhythm.

When Scott Cudmore, Toronto filmmaker, heard the song, the rhythm came across to him as "aquatic", leading him leave the urban scene for the Bruce Peninsula to create his short film.  With the beauty of nature as the background, the film developed into a hybrid of a portrait and a short biography of Scott himself.  The industrial designers from Castor Design were attracted to the dream-like state of the film and that led them to build a unique dream catcher made from electro-luminescent wire. Elan Marks, Toronto mixologist, was struck by the dark and mysterious nature of the dream catcher which, in the end, inspired his Bombay Sapphire cocktail, Devil in a Blue Dress, and brought chain of imagination full circle - from the bottle to the cocktail.

Each artist was given just a few days to be inspired, create their piece of art and pass it on to the next artist in the chain.  The process and thoughts of all five artists were captured on video and posted for the world to see on Bombay Sapphire's Facebook page.  The hope was that the work and imagination of these five artists would in turn ignite the imagination of the viewers.

Last night, the five artists gathered with family, friends and fellow artists for the official unveiling of these creations and to celebrate the imagination process.

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