British Journal of Dermatology publishes International Psoriasis Council psoriasis research priorities

Aug 06, 2015, 08:07 ET from International Psoriasis Council

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The British Journal of Dermatology has published online the results of an International Psoriasis Council (IPC) survey identifying 21 psoriasis research priorities. The results will also appear in a future print edition of the journal.

The article, "Prioritizing the global research agenda in psoriasis: An International Psoriasis Council Delphi consensus exercise," identifies priorities that will guide future research into the autoimmune disease. The council, a global nonprofit focused on psoriasis research, launched the survey because gaps exist in the understanding of psoriasis, said Dr. Bruce Strober, interim chair of the department of dermatology at the University of Connecticut, an IPC board member, and the article's lead author.

The priorities encompass a range of issues, including how the disease begins, the genetics of psoriasis, optimal treatment use, and psoriasis in children. The survey's top three priorities were:

  • Determining whether early, aggressive intervention can affect the disease's progression
  • Identifying biomarkers that correlate with psoriasis
  • Creating a "map" that identifies genes that confer susceptibility to developing psoriasis 

To determine these key research needs, the IPC used the Delphi method, a survey technique that uses a series of anonymous interspersed discussions and rounds of voting to collect data from a panel of experts, eventually reaching a consensus. For this study, the IPC surveyed psoriasis experts from around the world who belong to the council. After repeated voting online, these specialists reached consensus on the 21 priorities.

"The Delphi method has generated a more data-driven, unbiased prioritization of topics important for study," Strober said. "This list will provide both institutions and individuals a better sense of the pressing and relevant research needs in psoriasis."

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