Brookdale Senior Living Residents, Associates Celebrate "The History of a Nation"

Mar 04, 2013, 08:00 ET from Brookdale Senior Living Inc.

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- If you stop by a Brookdale Senior Living community at any point this year, you are likely to encounter residents and associates celebrating "The History of a Nation," poignant milestones and periods in our country's past that served to make the United States what it is today. Through the exclusively designed and award-winning Brookdale Celebrates, each month of 2013 will feature themed experiences, special events, and programs corresponding with the month's historical focus.

Through Brookdale's focus on "The History of a Nation," residents and associates are offered several unique opportunities for engagement on a monthly basis. For example, Legacy projects offer intergenerational events, allowing youths and seniors to come together to share experiences they all can cherish. The Great Debate generates healthy discussions among residents about the moral and ethical issues that have had a pivotal impact on history. Community residents in 36 states shine as they perform the songs, poetry and famous speeches as part of our monthly American Expressions.

Brookdale Celebrates is a yearlong, organized effort to enrich the lives of more than 67,000 residents and more than 40,000 associates of Brookdale. The initiative is a key component of Brookdale's Optimum Life®, a culture within Brookdale Senior Living communities where whole person wellness is achieved through fulfillment in six key dimensions -- purposeful, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual. Within the six dimensions of wellness, residents have opportunities to choose a healthy lifestyle that adds value and fulfillment to their lives.

"Brookdale Celebrates embraces the six dimensions of Optimum Life at each community while uniting residents and associates in celebration of a common theme through shared talents and creativity," said Sara Terry, vice president of Optimum Life. "Brookdale Celebrates 'The History of a Nation' is a powerful yearlong commitment to honoring and recognizing this country's rich history, through activities and events, as well as the memories and recollections of our residents."

The 2013 themes by month are as follows:

Jan. – The American Dream

July – Birth of a Nation

Feb. – Puttin' on the Ritz

Aug. – The Great Frontier

Mar. – The Space Race

Sept. – The Industrial Age

Apr. – A Nation United

Oct. – A Generation Rises Up

May – The Greatest Generation

Nov. – Discovering the New World

June – The Age of Technology

Dec. –The Global Age

"Our residents understand their contributions to our amazing history," said Charles Richardson, Brookdale's corporate director of resident programs. "We are inspired to hear their stories of legacy, listen to their great debates on the moral issues that have shaped who we are as a country, and watch their expressions of pride to be Americans. They truly are the greatest generation."

"Food and the dining experience play an integral role in Brookdale's life enrichment program, Brookdale Celebrates," said Joska Hajdu, senior vice president of dining services. "We offer residents themed cooking demonstrations each month, which enables them to enjoy social engagement with neighbors at a monthly luncheon celebration or dinner party. Dining room action stations also offer residents theme-related main course delicacies, side dish delights and dessert treats."

Brookdale Celebrates is distinctive in that it is linked directly to Brookdale's Optimum Life culture and dining program, while recognizing the power of possibilities and fulfilling all the dimensions of Optimum Life. Brookdale Celebrates encourages a heightened interaction between associates and residents, with all key leaders of a community participate in facilitating various aspects of the series.

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