"Burma Telling Its Own Story"

Mar 01, 2013, 15:19 ET from Open Hands Initiative

~Open Hands Initiative, The GroundTruth Project, and GlobalPost "Special Reports" announce a reporting fellowship for 20 top, young journalists~

NEW YORK, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As Myanmar implements democratic reforms and begins to encourage a free press, the country finds itself in a moment of historic change. As part of the still unfolding story of Myanmar, Open Hands Initiative and The GroundTruth Project are pleased to announce a reporting fellowship in Burma for 20 top, young correspondents—10 from America and 10 from Burma.

American businessman Jay T. Snyder, founder and chairman of the Open Hands Initiative, emphasizes that the exchange is not only about providing critical media skills to young media professionals in both countries, but also about building enduring bridges between the United States and Myanmar.

"We believe in the power of people-to-people diplomacy and in the importance of fostering freedom of expression in emerging democracies. This program will promote journalistic integrity and provide the skills necessary to produce investigative reporting that meets the highest standards of accuracy and honesty. More importantly, it will help spur new dialogue between the people of our two countries at a critical moment in history. By opening up bridges of communication that are based on mutual respect and understanding, we can build a stronger partnership for the future," Snyder said.

The all-expense-paid fellowship, entitled "Burma Telling Its Own Story," will take place in Burma June 10-June 30. The fellowship will emphasize writing and radio broadcasting, as well as hands-on training in photography and videography.

During the 20-day exchange program, the reporting fellows will fan out in five groups led by veteran correspondents, photographers and videographers, including GlobalPost cofounder and Executive Editor Charles Sennott and VII Photo Agency co-founder Gary Knight.

"This is an extraordinary moment in Myanmar's history and the perfect time to pull together a team of top, young correspondents from the US and Myanmar. We know the power that comes with having them work together as a team to cover a dramatically unfolding story about a new democracy and the opportunities and challenges it is facing. We have assembled a stellar group of veteran correspondents who will be leading the workshop in the field and we are looking forward to getting the project underway," said Sennott, who is heading up The GroundTruth Project.

During the program, the young reporters will look for the important stories to tell and interesting people to profile as the country makes a dramatic transition to democracy.

The work produced by the team will be published as a GlobalPost Special Report, and will be further distributed through local publishing partners.

For those interested in applying for this reporting fellowship, please send a CV, at least three examples of your work and a letter explaining why you feel uniquely qualified to take part in this fellowship and what you hope to accomplish if your application is successful. Please address the letters to GlobalPost co-founder and Executive Editor Charles M. Sennott.

Deadline for applications is April 2 and the list of fellows will be notified on April 15. Please send applications to kgrant@globalpost.com.   


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