Carbox Launches Hassle-free Car Care & Services App

May 31, 2016, 07:02 ET from Carbox Services

DUBAI, UAE, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

  • In UAE, ordering car care and maintenance services via a user-friendly mobile app. 

Carbox Services today launched a user friendly multi-platform mobile application that allows customers to access all car related services on the palm of their hands, enabling users to order and pay via a Smartphone. The free mobile application immediately available to the entire community in Dubai for both Android and Apple iOS users.

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The present changes the past, we are currently entering the new era of car cleaning and maintenance services. The future of advanced mobile technologies and modern car cleaning systems is in high demand. Arises in Dubai, Carbox services as an on-demand Car care company that provides range of services through a mobile application whereas customers can have an easy access to all their car needs.

"The heart and soul of our company is based on the core concept of Carbox app that is designed to make the whole UAE community lives easier, with just a tap away customers can order their Car care services. With accessible mobile payment so we are always ready to offer our services at customers doorsteps!" says Youssef Bissani, Managing Partner of Carbox Services.

Carbox app is developed using advanced technological system which enables customers the freedom to choose from their desired payment method. Services can be paid either by app payment, card payment, cash on delivery, through loyalty points or it can be done by a quick pay via an Etisalat postpaid bill. The app incorporates accurate GPS Google map system which allows users to setup location anywhere, anytime.

Furthermore, the mobile car cleaning company is fully equipped with state of the art technology, using an Eco-friendly steam cleaning systems that have the ability to remove dirt and road grime without damaging the car's paint, also terminating all kinds of bacteria and tiny parasites found living on textiles inside cars.

Carbox Services are here to relieve us from the worries of car issues, a hassle-free and convenient  premium car care services. "The steam machine is a waterless system that uses less than 5 liter of water per vehicle, saving around 200 liter compared to traditional car cleaning techniques," he therefore concluded.

About Carbox Services

Carbox Services was established in 2015 as an on-demand Car Care company specially designed for the distinguished people of today. Offering complete car cleaning, detailing and maintenance services at customers doorsteps.

Download Carbox application found on Google Play and the App Store.



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