Carlisle/Wortman Associates Joins Forces with SAFEbuilt Michigan to Expand Building Services Capability

Jan 26, 2010, 10:00 ET from Carlisle/Wortman Associates

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Michigan cities and townships can reduce costs and generate new income by contracting their building services to the new team of Carlisle/Wortman Associates and SAFEbuilt Michigan, being introduced this week at the Michigan Townships Association conference here.

Municipal building departments set standards for new construction, and review and approve plans for new structures to make sure they meet the standards and other local code requirements.  Builders pay for those reviews and for inspections during construction.

"Public-private partnerships are just about the only solution left as local government budgets get tighter and tighter," said CWA President Dick Carlisle.  "Even the healthiest Michigan communities are reaching the point where they've exhausted their reserves and are going to have to make cuts."

With construction slowed across the state, communities have had to lay off staff or not fill vacancies created by retirements.  The Carlisle/SAFEbuilt team can work within existing fee structures or can help municipalities establish fees that are sufficient to offset the costs of contracting for service.  Contracting services gives the municipality access to more resources and a pool of certified and /or accredited professionals that can be reassigned easily based on activity.

Carlisle/Wortman Associates is a 23-year-old, Ann Arbor-based firm which provides a full range of community development services, including land use planning, code enforcement and energy conservation.  SAFEbuilt Michigan was established by Colorado-based SAFEbuilt Inc., which has provided full service building department programs, building code plan reviews and project support since 1992.  Both firms serve only public agencies.

The two companies will cross-refer, share staff or team up to jointly serve communities, each doing what it does best.  Having worked in hundreds of communities between them, Carlisle/Wortman and SAFEbuilt Michigan know what works, and what will bring the best professional practices to their clients.

"Our approach will protect Michigan jobs," said SAFEbuilt Michigan Vice President David Thomsen. "We need to hire experienced officials and inspectors, and we will target those who have been laid off or have retired.  We train all our people to conform to ICC certification standards."

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SOURCE Carlisle/Wortman Associates