Cellebrite Launches UFED CHINEX

State of the art solution designed to meet the growing need for Chinese mobile phone forensics

Oct 24, 2011, 10:34 ET from Cellebrite USA

GLEN ROCK, N.J., Oct. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Cellebrite, the leading provider of mobile forensic solutions, today announced the launch of UFED CHINEX, an end-to-end solution for extraction and decoding of data and content from thousands of Chinese mobile phones. UFED CHINEX will enable law enforcement agencies to support the full forensic analysis of Chinese mobile phones.

Based on Cellebrite's proprietary boot loaders, to ensure a valid and forensically sound approach without leaving a trace, the advanced UFED CHINEX solution allows law enforcement agencies such as the military, police and intelligence agencies to perform physical, file system and logical extraction of thousands of Chinese mobile phones. The extraction, decoding and reporting are carried out through the UFED Physical Analyzer. UFED CHINEX also has the capabilities to recover deleted data from the Chinese mobile phones and enables access to valuable data such as contacts, SMS, MMS, emails and multimedia content.

The solution provides concise reports for use in a courtroom or during evidentiary/investigational proceedings. Critical reference information, such as time and date of extraction, logo and department case number, may also be included.  

Available as an add-on to the Cellebrite UFED Ultimate, UFED CHINEX is a field-ready, user friendly connectivity kit. UFED CHINEX covers a wide range of Chinese devices that are being added to the extensive range of mobile and GPS devices already supported by the UFED.

Ron Serber, Cellebrite's Co-CEO commented: "Increasingly Chinese mobile phones have been introduced to the worldwide market, but due to the differences in operating systems it has been a challenge for agencies across the globe to extract and analyze the internal data. With these enhanced capabilities added to the UFED product set, we have enabled law enforcement agencies across the world to support mobile forensic capabilities to a greater number of devices and ultimately staying one step ahead of the game in detecting and analyzing crucial data for use in criminal cases."

UFED CHINEX will be available in November 2011. To learn more, visit: http://www.cellebrite.com/forensic-products/forensic-products/ufed-chinex.html.

About UFED

The world leader in mobile forensics, Cellebrite is #1 in the market with over 12,000 devices in use by military, law enforcement, governments and intelligence agencies in more than 60 countries worldwide.  Its core product, the UFED, enables fast data extraction from more than 6,800 device profiles including smartphones, legacy phones and GPS devices, covering all major mobile OS, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Palm.

About Cellebrite

Cellebrite is the leading provider of mobile forensic solutions and mobile data transfer solutions.  Established in 1999 by experts in the telecommunications and mobile telephony fields, its technical know-how, vast experience, and leadership in the two related markets of mobile forensics and data transfer, allows Cellebrite to invest more in R&D than any industry player and continuously deliver leading solutions for the mobile industry.  Cellebrite is a global company with over 200 employees, known for its technological breakthroughs in the cellular industry.  Cellebrite is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a listed Japanese company (6736/JQ). For more information, please visit www.cellebrite.com.

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