CGDA Honored Top Game Developers in China

Oct 30, 2009, 10:00 ET from Howell International Trade Fair Ltd.

BEIJING, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The Awarding Ceremony of the First China Game Developers Award ("CGDA"), the country's first of its kind to honor native game developers, was held in the National Convention Center in Beijing. All of the 14 awards (including professionals and amateurs) have been conferred on outstanding Chinese developers, except the one for the Best Game Ideas (amateurs group).

Present at the ceremony were not only officials from the authorities of the gaming industry, including, Wang Ziqiang, Director of the Copyright Administration Department of the National Copyright Administration, Kou Xiaowei, Deputy Director of the Technology and Digital Publication Department of the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP), Xu Chao, Deputy Director of the Copyright Administration Department of GAPP, Zeng Mingfa, Deputy Chief-Secretary of the Internet Society of China, and Liu Jiehua, Secretary-General of CGPA, but also representatives from the industry, such as Xiong Xiaoge, Executive Vice President of IDG, Li Ying, Chairman of CCW, Li Heng, Chairman of Beijing International Copyright Trade Center, Diao Jingchong, Vice President of Epic Games China, Yao Zhuangxian, who is member of the CGDA judgment panel, a well-known game designer from Taiwan and also the General Manager of Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., and Han Zhihai, General Manager of Beijing Howell International Trade Fair Ltd.

Officials present at the ceremony presented the trophies, certificates and prize to the short-listed and prize-winning individuals and teams.


Best Team for Game Development: the development team of Jianwang3 (Kingsoft)

Best Performance at the Players' Unit (Programming): the development team for Shengui Chuanqi (Perfect World)

Best Concept Art Design (Art Design): the development team for Zhuxian (Perfect World)

Best 2D (characters/scenes) Art Design (Art Design): development team #2 for Xingchenbian (Shanda Game)

Best 3D (characters/scenes) Art Design (Art Design): Zheng Yuanzhan (individual)

Best Animation Design (Animation): the development team for Jianwang3 (Kingsoft)

Best Game Music Design: the development team for HXCJ (Tencent)

Best Design for Digital Balance: the development team for ZT (Giant)

Best Technology Innovation for Game Development: the development team for ZT (Giant)

Best Creativity for FLASH Game: the development team for Luanyouji (All Easytoon Animations)

    Best Creativity for Mobile Game: the development team for Qiyue (WiStone)
    Best Junior 2D (Character/scene) Art Designer
      First Prize: Sha Ye
      Second Prize: Zhang Meng
      Third Prize: Yang Jie
    Best Junior 3D (Character/scene) Art Designer
      First Prize: Jin Xing
      Second Prize: Zhang Yuxuan
      Third Prize: Yang Fan, Li Zhengle and Lin Xiaozhen

The Spokesperson for the Organizing Committee of CGDA, Mr. Tan Yunpeng, noted that, "The gaming industry of China has witnessed incredible growth during the past ten years, which for any other industry may take as long as thirty years. Aimed at selecting and honoring the talent working for this industry, the CGDA is another important event organized by the authorities, after the success of ChinaJoy, ChinaGIC, CGDC, CGBC and the Golden Plume Game Award. With this year's contest coming to a successful close, we are confident that the CGDA next year will turn out even better, and in turn promote the technology advances and innovation in this industry. We'd like to give special thanks to the all the judges on the panel, made up of technology experts from the top game companies of China and other nations ( ), and also the organizer -- Howell International Trade Fair Ltd. -- who was in charge of organization and project execution of this event. Without their support and effort, it would have been impossible for the Organizing Committee to finish panel-building, award-setting, criteria-setting, works collection, evaluation and assessment, and ceremony planning within 80 days. The hard work and professional evaluation of the judgment panelists, in particular, enables the industry and game players to identify the best teams and individuals in the gaming technology, whom we are expecting to develop more first-class games for Chinese players."

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