Child Safety Tour Heads to Philadelphia to Introduce New Amber Ready Technology That Shortens Alert Time for Missing or Abducted Children

Jun 05, 2009, 12:37 ET from AMBER Ready, Inc.

AMBER Ready Foundation Hosts Child Safety Night in Franklin Attended by Parents and Local Law Enforcement

ROCKAWAY, N.J., June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Parents, child safety advocates and law enforcement officials gathered Wednesday night at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs to learn about strategies, tools and resources available to keep children safe.

Participants were also introduced to the AMBER Ready Program, which provides parents with a new technology to create, store and lock their children's vital identity information including a photograph in their cell phones. In the event the child should go missing, with the click of a button on the cell phone, the child's profile and picture can be sent immediately by law enforcement to police communications, patrol vehicles, other police agencies, media and the AMBER Alert Network.

The event in Franklin is part of a nationwide AMBER Ready Foundation Child Safety Tour to inform and educate parents of the most up-to-date Internet and child safety tips from national experts on the topics. Featured speakers included AMBER Ready Program creator Kai D. Patterson; Frank Delvecchio, AMBER Ready Senior Vice President and Deputy Police Chief of the Fairview, New Jersey Police Department; Internet safety expert Suzanne Stanford; and Mayor James Garner, Former President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

The AMBER Ready Foundation also donated in-car printers to law enforcement officials from Ashland (TN) City Police Department and Pound (VA) Police Department to help reduce the time it takes to begin the search and help find missing children. The in-car printers will help local law enforcement officials quickly print missing child posters from police patrol cars to assist in the search for children reported missing. Used with the new AMBER Ready Program, law enforcement will have the capacity to reduce the time it takes to put a missing child on alert.

"Our goal," said Patterson, "is to send a clear message to anyone who would abduct a child - the combination of parents who are AMBER Ready and better equipped law enforcement agencies will significantly reduce the time it takes to search for and find missing or abducted children."

"Missing Child Posters are a highly effective means of helping to find abducted or runaway kids. When people recognize a child and notify the law enforcement agency listed on the poster, vital and potentially life-saving leads are generated relating to the possible whereabouts of the missing child. Empowered with an ability to create flyers instantly in a patrol car - anywhere, anytime, precious time delays can be avoided and the opportunity for law enforcement to more expeditiously locate a child, who may be in danger, is significantly enhanced," said Patterson.

The next stop on the AMBER Ready Child Safety Tour is Philadelphia on Monday, June 8, 2009.

    WHERE: Double Tree Hotel
           237 S. Broad Street, Avenue of the Arts between
           Walnut and Lombard Streets
           Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    TIME:  Registration - 6:00 PM ET - 7:00 PM ET
           Program - 7:00 PM ET - 9:00 PM ET

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AMBER Ready, Inc. has pioneered the nation's first wireless program enabling parents to securely store their child's identity information within their wireless phone and providing the technology platform for police to disseminate an alert from a parents' wireless phone immediately upon a child being abducted or found to be missing. Through the wireless transmission of stored photographs and descriptive data by police as a Be-On-the-Look-Out (BOLO) or as an official AMBER Alert, the AMBER Ready Program is expected to dramatically reduce the average time between determining a child is missing and the commencement of a meaningful search by local law enforcement, thus significantly improving the odds for rapid recovery. In anticipation of pursuing a public listing in the future, the Company has engaged the firm of John Thomas Financial as its investment banking firm. For more information, please visit