China Express Delivery Industry Report, 2013-2016

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China Express Delivery Industry Report, 2013-2016

Benefiting from the explosive growth of e-commerce, China express delivery industry has maintained rapid growth since 2013. From January to September of 2013, the express delivery enterprises with the annual sales revenue of over RMB20 million completed the delivery of 6.18 billion mails and parcels, jumping by 61.2% year on year; the revenue totaled RMB99.57 billion, up 34.9% year on year. Wherein, the revenue generated by intra-city business reached RMB11.54 billion, climbing by 49.4% year on year; the inter-city business revenue reached RMB56.64 billion, presenting a year-on-year rise of 28.1%; and the international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan business revenue increased by 30.5% year on year to RMB19.52 billion.

In 2013, China express delivery industry features the followings: First, the market share of private express delivery companies has kept rising. In the first three quarters of 2013, private express delivery enterprises finished delivering 4.77 billion mails and parcels, representing a year-on-year increase of 69.2%, and the revenue herein hit RMB65.47 billion, up 51.6% year on year, significantly higher than state-owned and foreign enterprises. The workload and revenue of private express delivery companies accounted for 77.2% and 65.8% of the industry respectively, rising by 3.6 and 7.5 percentage points year on year separately.

Second, express delivery companies have started to tap into the aviation system. Following SF Express and China Post, YTO Express and STO have also submitted application to the Civil Aviation Administration in 2013 and may obtain the approval as soon as the end of the year.

As of early November 2013, SF Airlines has owned a fleet of 13 cargo aircrafts; YTO Express has begun the operation of cargo aircrafts since June 2012, and had four cargo aircrafts by October 29, 2013.

Third, foreign enterprises have changed the layout strategy in China. UPS targets high profitable market segments; FedEx has unveiled a new port operation center to accelerate the operating speed of international express mails; and TNT has turned to focus on cross-border express delivery.

Fourth, VC / PE has accelerated the access to the express delivery industry. In early 2013, Leading Capital, Pengkang Investment and Phoenix Capital invested RMB200 million in Quanfeng Express; in May, Sequoia Capital China became a shareholder of ZTO Express with the injection of USD30 million; during late August, the private express delivery giant SF Express announced its first financing within the recent two years.

As for IPO, China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited (EMS), YTO Express, ZJS Express, ZTO Express, YUNDA Express and a number of other express delivery companies are keeping low profiles and planning for IPO.

The report highlights the following aspects:

Regulations, policies and "Twelfth Five-Year" Development Plan for the express delivery industry;Workload, revenue, regional operation, and business complaints of China express delivery industry;Competition patterns between express delivery enterprises in China, including the overall pattern, the development of private enterprises, layout of foreign players in China, the relationship between e-commerce and express delivery;The development of the express delivery industry in major provinces and cities of China, embracing regional competition patterns and express delivery business operation of 10 major provinces and cities;Profile, financial data, operational data and business in China of four foreign companies (UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL);Profile, express delivery business and operation of three Chinese state-owned express delivery companies (China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited, China Railway Express and China Air Express);Profile, operational data, express delivery business and future development plans of 14 Chinese private express delivery companies.


1. Outline of China's Express Delivery Industry and its Development Plan

1.1 Definition of Express Delivery Industry

1.1.1 Definition of Express Delivery Services

1.1.2 General Principles of Express Delivery Services

1.2 Laws & Regulations and Policies

1.3 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Express Delivery Industry

1.3.1 Development Goals

1.3.2 Major Tasks

2. Development of China's Express Delivery Industry

2.1 Proportion of Express Delivery in Postal Industry2.2 Business Volume2.3 Business Revenue2.4 Operation of Three Major Economic Regions2.5 Complaints about China Express Delivery Industry2.5.1 Types of Complaints2.5.2 Customer Complaints about China Express Delivery Enterprises

3. Competition among Enterprises in China

3.1 Competition Overview

3.2 Status Quo of Private-owned Enterprises

3.2.1 Market Share Expanding

3.2.2 Progress in Direct Sales

3.2.3 Layout in Air Transportation System

3.3 Foreign Companies' Development in China

3.4 M&A and Financing

3.5 Logistics Layout of E-commerce Firms

3.5.1 360buy


3.5.3 Amazon China

3.5.4 Dangdang

3.5.5 Vipshop

3.5.6 Yixun

3.6 Express Delivery Enterprises Attempt into E-commerce Field

4. Development of Express Delivery Industry in China's Major Provinces (Municipalities)

4.1 Regional Competition4.2 Guangdong4.2.1 Business Volume4.2.2 Business Revenue4.2.3 Competition among Enterprises4.2.4 Regional Competition4.2.5 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan4.3 Zhejiang4.3.1 Business Volume4.3.2 Business Revenue4.3.3 Regional Competition4.3.4 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan4.4 Jiangsu4.4.1 Business Volume4.4.2 Business Revenue4.4.3 Regional Competition4.4.4 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan4.5 Shanghai4.5.1 Business Volume4.5.2 Business Revenue4.5.3 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan4.6 Beijing4.6.1 Business Volume4.6.2 Business Revenue4.7 Fujian4.7.1 Business Volume4.7.2 Business Revenue4.7.3 Express Delivery Price4.7.4 Competition among Enterprises4.7.5 Regional Competition4.7.6 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan4.8 Shandong4.9 Sichuan4.9.1 Business Volume4.9.2 Business Revenue4.9.3 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan4.10 Hubei4.10.1 Business Volume & Business Revenue4.10.2 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan4.11 Hebei4.11.1 Business Volume & Business Revenue4.11.2 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan

5. Foreign Express Delivery Companies in China

5.1 UPS

5.1.1 Profile

5.1.2 Financial Performance

5.1.3 Operation

5.1.4 UPS in China

5.1.5 UPS Extends Logistics Network in China

5.1.6 UPS Expands Storage Network in Health Care Field in China

5.2 FedEx

5.2.1 Profile

5.2.2 Financial Performance

5.2.3 Operation

5.2.4 Dynamics

5.2.5 Development in China

5.2.6 FedEx fully Expands Its International Operating Center in Beijing

5.3 DHL

5.3.1 Profile

5.3.2 Operation

5.3.3 DHL in China

5.3.4 DHL Accelerates Freight Service Between China and Russia

5.4 TNT

5.4.1 Profile

5.4.2 TNT Airlines

5.4.3 Financial Performance

5.4.4 Operation

5.4.5 Development in China

5.4.6 TNT Express Completes Sale of Domestic Road Business in China

6. State-owned Express Delivery Companies in China

6.1 EMS6.1.1 Profile6.1.2 Development Course6.1.3 Operation6.1.4 Major Clients6.1.5 Listing Process6.1.6 Development Advantages in Future6.2 CRE6.2.1 Profile6.2.2 Development Course6.2.3 Partners6.2.4 Spinning Off Business6.2.5 Information Construction Progress6.2.6 Development Plan6.3 CAE6.3.1 Profile6.3.2 Business System6.3.3 Dynamics

7. Private-owned Express Delivery Enterprises in China

7.1 SF-Express

7.1.1 Profile

7.1.2 Development Course

7.1.3 S.F. Airlines

7.1.4 Operation

7.1.5 First Financing

7.1.6 Competitiveness

7.1.7 Expansion of Industrial Chain

7.2 STO

7.2.1 Profile

7.2.2 Development Course

7.2.3 Attempt in E-commerce Fields

7.2.4 Development Plan

7.3 ZJS Express

7.3.1 Profile

7.3.2 Development Course

7.3.3 Operation

7.3.4 E-commerce Business

7.3.5 Platform Upgrading

7.4 YTO Express

7.4.1 Profile

7.4.2 Development Course

7.4.3 Operation

7.4.4 E-commerce Business

7.4.5 Development Strategy

7.5 YUNDA Express

7.5.1 Profile

7.5.2 Development Course

7.6 ZTO Express

7.6.1 Profile

7.6.2 Development Course

7.6.3 Operation

7.6.4 Sequoia Capital Financing

7.7 TTK Express

7.7.1 Profile

7.7.2 Dynamics

7.8 Best Express

7.8.1 Profile

7.8.2 Development Course

7.9 GTO Express

7.9.1 Profile

7.9.2 Reorganization

7.9.3 Investing RMB1 billion to Build Distribution Center in South China

7.10 UC Express

7.10.1 Profile

7.10.2 Development Course

7.11 SURE

7.11.1 Profile

7.11.2 Development Course

7.12 Fast Express

7.13 Quanfeng Express

7.13.1 Company

7.13.2 Partners

7.13.3 Financing

7.14 A Plus Express

8. China Express Industry Development Forecast

8.1 Development Trends8.1.1 Drivers8.1.2 Trends8.2 Industry Data Forecast

Companies Mentioned

UPSFedExDHLTNTEMSCRECAESF-ExpressSTOZJS ExpressYTO ExpressYUNDA ExpressZTO ExpressTTK ExpressBest ExpressGTO ExpressUC ExpressSUREQuanfeng ExpressA Plus Express

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