Club Resort Intervals Shares How to Avoid Complaints While Flying in 2014

The Club Resort Intervals complaints management squad shares several tips and tricks on how to avoid issues with other passengers or staff.

May 05, 2014, 12:25 ET from Club Resort Intervals

MANCHESTER, N.H., May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The Club Resort Intervals complaints management squad realizes that for some, flying can be an awful experience--and in many cases, this can be caused by someone who is being inconsiderate of other passengers on a flight. Here are some guidelines about how to be a better passenger and make the experience easier for all those involved.

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1. Be a nice seatmate
If taking a late night flight and a traveler is tired, warn those in the immediate area of the possibility of falling asleep. If travelers are prone to certain sleeping behaviors (snoring, drooling, talking in sleep) it might be most courteous to request a seat away from the majority of passengers if possible. Also, if sitting next a stranger, be courteous of others' space. It is one thing to fall asleep on a relative or spouse's shoulder, but a stranger will most likely become upset. Everyone can get uncomfortable in close quarters, so think about how one would feel if the situation was reversed.

2. Don't make excessive noise
If taking a vacation with a newborn or small child, find ways to keep them entertained without being disruptive to other passengers during long travels. The Club Resort Intervals complaints management squad also advises that keeping music or movie volume to a minimum will avoid confrontation from others. Even headphone volume should be kept to a minimum in order to not disturb others.

3. Avoid over-the-top behavior
If travelers are the type of people who make friends easily, reaching out to other passengers on a flight is a fun way to connect with someone new. The Club Resort Intervals complaints management squad advises that if someone seems uncomfortable returning the conversation, do not be offended. Not every person will be interested in conversing with a stranger.

Also, loud conversation can be disruptive to other passengers, so make sure to keep the volume down. Excessive drinking can also lead to loudness or airsickness, so remember that if alcohol is served on the flight. It is also impolite to be impatient with the staff. Flight attendants are usually very attentive to passengers' needs, but also serve on the first-come, first-served rule – there is no need to keep ringing the bell or to be unruly toward staff.

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