Competitive Grocery Price Study Shows ALDI Shoppers Save Average $137 Per Month

Jun 02, 2009, 08:00 ET from ALDI Inc.

Select assortment discount grocer 37% less than traditional supermarkets, 22% to 26% less than discounters, big box

BATAVIA, Ill., June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- As the state of the economy dominates news and consumer confidence wanes, select assortment discount grocer ALDI offers shoppers a smart solution with ALDI select brands at prices that average 37 percent less than traditional supermarkets and 22 percent to 26 percent less than discounters or big box stores.

"In tough times like these, it seems everyone is taking a harder look at their spending decisions," said Joan Kavanaugh, ALDI vice president of purchasing. "You can choose to spend $100 on your groceries at a traditional supermarket or spend $63 at ALDI for equivalent products that meet or exceed the quality of national name brands. Our new shoppers are realizing something that our long-time, loyal customers have known for some time: ALDI offers a smarter alternative."

An ALDI price competitive study across all its U.S. divisions compared the costs of 184 items considered "very important to customers" ranging from apple juice and garden salad to cheddar cheese and frozen chicken breasts. The ALDI basket averaged $315.29 vs. an average $442.26 for the combination of discounters, big box stores and traditional supermarkets.

This significant savings comes at a time when not only the recession is deepening but as food economists are predicting another 4 percent to 5 percent food price inflation increase this year. Rising food costs in 2009 come on the heels of a 5.4 percent increase in 2008 for food and beverage prices, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"As important as price is, there's only one way to attract and keep the diversity of shoppers we do: You have to have great products," Kavanaugh said. "People really discover the ALDI difference when they try our ALDI select brands and find out that inexpensive can be great."

For comparison purposes, ALDI customers in the Chicagoland area can purchase one pound of 80 percent lean ground beef for $1.79 per pound at ALDI vs. as much as $2.90 to $3.79 at competitors, a 111 percent difference. ALDI's bananas come in at $.45 per pound compared to as much as $.79 per pound elsewhere, a 75 percent savings. For an 8 oz. block of cheddar cheese, ALDI customers pay $1.29 compared to as much as $2.67 elsewhere, a 106 percent savings.

Customers can expect to find 1,400 of the most frequently purchased items at an ALDI store. Almost 95 percent of ALDI's products are sold under the ALDI select brands to keep costs down and are manufactured by many of the nation's leading food producers. In its test kitchen and using independent laboratory analysis, ALDI ensures its products meet or exceed the quality and taste of national name brands.

In addition to fresh produce and non-food products, ALDI carries more than 100 brands that include the Fit & Active line of healthier alternatives, Lacura award-winning skincare, Moser Roth fine European chocolates, Grandessa Signature premier line of items such as salad dressings and desserts, Granger beef, L'oven Fresh breads, Reggano pastas, Kirkwood frozen chicken and Clancy's snacks.

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ALDI, a leader in the international grocery retailing industry, began in the United States in 1976. Today more than 1,000 U.S. ALDI stores are located in 30 states primarily from Kansas to the East Coast serving more than 18 million customers each month. A select assortment discount grocer featuring its own ALDI select brands, ALDI applies smart and efficient operational and business practices to save customers up to 50 percent on their grocery bill. ALDI, named 2009 Retailer of the Year by PL Buyer, sells more than 1,400 of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items in manageable, non-bulk packaging. For more information about ALDI, go to