ComRent® Brings Customers Maintenance Strategy Solutions With Airborne Cameras and Hand-Held Corona Cameras

Customer Test at Nuclear Site Shows Immediate Cost Savings, Improved Safety

Mar 03, 2011, 08:00 ET from ComRent International, LLC

OWINGS, Md., March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ComRent International, LLC announces the addition of airborne cameras and hand-held corona cameras to its power testing product offerings, providing utility customers immediate savings in time and improved safety as well as a clear course for a maintenance strategy for mission critical power systems with the Ofil® DayCor ROM and Ofil® DayCor Superb.

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The DayCor ROM heli-mounted corona camera, which launches this quarter, is the first complete airborne inspection system providing corona detection in a dedicated gyro stabilized gimbaled payload.

"The DayCor® ROM helicopter-mounted corona camera system enables high-speed, remote detection of corona and arcing, providing high resolution images and video as well as the straight-forward reports that are imperative in evaluating leaks and identifying the potential for leaks," said Mark Hammer, national utility sales manager with ComRent International.

The airborne inspection system of the DayCor ROM allows inspection in harsh terrain, performing accurately at far distances (up to 150 feet) and high speeds (60 mph) without missing coronas. It accurately pinpoints sources of audio noise, radio/TV interference, micro arcing, corona and arcing. The system also offers robust inspection capabilities independent of power line loads and weather condition and allows the operator to document structures and right-of-way features on built in flash memory.

"Both the DayCor ROM and its hand-held counterpart DayCor Superb let you see if your line components have been compromised by corona and identify if and where your systems are at risk," Hammer said. "Having that information in hand early creates the advantage of being able to develop a maintenance strategy that will save money and prevent customers from experiencing any disruption of service from equipment failures."

When National Security Technologies recently needed to determine the health of the power components at a nuclear testing site, it turned to ComRent International and its new corona camera.

"By working with ComRent and using the corona camera, we saw things that IR cameras missed due to their lack of intensity," said Mark Reinier, Utilities/Power Maintenance for National Security Technologies LLC, whose use of the DayCor Superb corona from ComRent ultimately prevented at least one pole from burning down to corona.  

"We were able to catch corona early in the process, saving us what could have been thousands of dollars in potential repair costs," said Reinier.

The DayCor Superb corona detection camera pinpoints and visualizes the corona location and detects electrical leakage prior to when thermal testing would generate results. With an outstanding UV sensitivity (3X10-18watt/cm2), the DayCor Superb enables the detection and display of even the weakest corona emission – as weak as 1.5 pC at a distance of 26 – making it ideal for those needing a minimum visible lightsensitivity of 0.1 Lux.

For National Security Technologies, the easy-to-use video function was an added benefit.

"Video was a much better tool than still pictures as we sought to identify early leaks, making our review process more effective – both back at the office for our reporting as well as for our team on site during the test," Reinier said.  

The camera features an integrated reflective 5" LCD viewer large enough for a team to view. And, because the camera is well suited to daytime work and operable in almost any weather condition, users avoid costly overtime/off-hour rates associated with after-dark testing as well as the night-time dangers presented by wild animals and navigating uneven terrain.

"The Corona cameras are a logical addition to the ComRent power testing portfolio and our goal of helping utilities create effective maintenance strategy solutions," Hammer said.

For more than a decade, ComRent has developed protocols that set the standard for load banking primary and backup power sources and systems. ComRent had made more power system evaluations possible than any other load bank rental company in North America – 30,000+ testing projects. For more information, please visit

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