Conficker - April Fool or April Fright?

Mar 30, 2009, 19:47 ET from Wurldtech Security Technologies

    Wurldtech Reduces the Potential for Damage to Critical Industrial

VANCOUVER, March 30 /PRNewswire/ - Zero Day for the Conficker worm is April 1, and while everyone hopes it will be only a bad April Fools joke, the potential for damage to the infrastructure of the world's business community is not a joking matter.

Vancouver-based Wurldtech(TM) Security Technologies, a leading global provider of cyber-risk solutions to critical industrial sectors such as energy, nuclear, power, transportation, chemical and water, will announce in advance of the Conficker Zero Day event a major alliance with global energy companies that is aimed at reducing the potential for damage from cyber threats like Conficker. The announcement detailing this partnership will be distributed Tuesday, March 31, 2009.

"We've been getting anxious calls from industrial plant managers asking what to do about Conficker," says Wurldtech President and CEO Tyler Williams, "and we've told them that they shouldn't have a problem if they've been following a program of upgrades, patches and good security practices all along. The problem," he continues, "is when they tell us they haven't been doing that."

As people worry about the security of their home PC, or their business network, the systems and networks that manage and control the everyday services we've come to rely on - such as subways, traffic lights, electric power, and even water are just as vulnerable, and in fact, often more so. Protecting these systems is fundamentally a matter of determining how much security you need to protect the integrity of the operations, Williams says, whether it's the control of a nuclear power plant or an oil refinery, the results of cyber threats are the same - systems down. Unfortunately the impacts can be catastrophic.

"Regardless of the outcome," says Wurldtech's Williams, "the Conficker worm event again points to the necessity to be vigilant, and to develop dynamic security solutions that protect our world's infrastructure from cyber attack."

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