Consulting Engineers Support Northern Gateway Pipeline

Jan 23, 2014, 13:08 ET from Consulting Engineers of Alberta

CALGARY, Jan. 23, 2014 /CNW/ - "The Consulting Engineers of Alberta fully support the Northern Gateway Pipeline," says CEA President Craig Clifton, P.Eng.

"At our Board meeting yesterday, we reviewed the decision of the National Energy Board Joint Review Panel that recommended approval of the pipeline project. Our discussion related to the capabilities of professional engineers to design and construct a pipeline that would efficiently carry crude oil and bitumen from Alberta to the West Coast in a safe and environmentally secure manner," states Clifton.

"Canadian engineers have a reputation of being among the best in the world. We have a long history of innovative solutions to difficult engineering problems. Approximately 150 years ago when John A. MacDonald suggested a railway to connect British Columbia with eastern Canada, many said it couldn't be done. Engineers accepted the challenge and our Canada was united from sea to sea.

Today, some are saying that the proposed pipelines across Canada or to the West Coast cannot be built safely. The Consulting Engineers of Alberta support both of those projects because we know engineers can design them so they are safe and reliable," adds Clifton.

Much of the report of the National Energy Board Joint Review Panel dealt with engineering and geophysical design requirements from a construction, environmental and safety perspective. "Consulting Engineers deal with these challenges every day, whether it is a roadway, bridge, building, or pipeline. We are confident the engineering community will address the issues raised in the report and that at the end of the day Canadians will be satisfied with the quality and reliability of the pipeline," concludes Clifton.

The Consulting Engineers of Alberta are an important part of our knowledge-based economy. In Alberta, 100 member-firms of the CEA employ over 10,000 professional engineers, technologists and support staff and contribute over $2 billion annually directly to Alberta's economy and support more than $20 billion in construction and development.

SOURCE Consulting Engineers of Alberta