Cox Raises Rates Again in Jefferson Parish

Apr 02, 2009, 09:00 ET from TV4US

Greater Competition Would End Excessive Rate Increases and Bring New Technology, Better Service and Real Choice to Consumers

JEFFERSON PARISH, La., April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- At a time when families are struggling to keep more money in their pockets, Cox has announced it will raise rates again in the greater New Orleans area.

Effective April 16, Cox cable subscribers will pay up to $2.75 more for premium cable packages. The price for DVR/HD receivers and high definition recorders will rise by $2.00, from $5.25 to $7.25. This is on top of annual rate increases by Cox that have brought a 43 percent climb in rates since 2000 in the Greater New Orleans area.

"Cable's near monopoly in local video markets across New Orleans has allowed Cox to once again raise its rates. Without real competition here, nothing will stop them from continuing to raise rates," said Lizanne Sadlier, Executive Director of TV4US. "Consumers in the Greater New Orleans-area deserve the benefits of real competition, including more choice, competitive rates, new technology and improved customer service. It's time for Jefferson Parish to end cable's dominance over the video market."

In June 2008 the Louisiana legislature passed the Consumer Choice for Television Act, which will foster competition, but a number of parishes, including Jefferson, were not covered by the legislation.

More than 70 percent of Louisiana consumers want competition in the cable TV market according to a poll. Many consumers across the state will soon experience the benefits of competition, but those in Jefferson Parish are being left out. Sadlier said, "We need action by local government to ensure that this much needed competition comes to Jefferson."

In the past three years, twenty-three states across the nation have brought competition to their states through video franchise reform legislation and agreements. These states have already started to experience better cable rates, increased quality of service and the introduction of advanced technologies to the marketplace, including faster network upgrades, increased features such as additional HD programming and more.

TV4US is a non-profit organization that includes among its members a diversified group of corporations, non-profit and non-governmental organizations - representing hundreds of thousands of consumers across the country. We are a non-profit, grassroots coalition advocating on behalf of customers who deserve competitive alternatives, leading to lower cable bills and improved service. We believe that competition will bring more choices, better customer service, and advances in technology for Louisiana consumers.