CPSI is Awarded Longitudinal Data System Contract for the State of Oklahoma

Oct 01, 2009, 08:00 ET from CPSI, Ltd.

COLUMBIA, Ill., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- CPSI is pleased to announce their partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education as their vendor for the Statewide Longitudinal Data System project. The state data system is based on CPSI's solution, xDStudio State Enterprise Edition. This solution provides for the collection of appropriate data from the 540 school districts in Oklahoma, places the data into an Operational Data Storage for extensive data validation, and then passes the data to a Longitudinal Data Warehouse System. Once there, CPSI's Business Intelligence and Reporting toolsets can be applied. The data will be used to increase student achievement via education programs, curriculum, and instruction, and will allow educators and lawmakers with the ability to make more informed decisions about school policies and the decisions affecting students as they graduate from school and move on to colleges and universities, and join the workforce.

The award was made final on May 14, 2009. CPSI's xDStudio State Enterprise solution is a SIF-based system that allows for a real time or nearly real time collection of data. Data collection rules and collections will be centrally managed without any burden on the districts. In addition, data will be validated and cleansed using the CPSI xDValidator toolset for Data Validation, allowing for better district level reporting. In essence, the SDE will be receiving "All the Data - All the Time", ensuring timely decisions based on real facts.

The CPSI solution, collectively called the xDStudio State Enterprise, is the new technology standard in data collection, data warehousing, analysis, and reporting for State Departments of Education and School Districts. This total solution provides:

  • A standardized data model for data collection and reporting based on the XML data standard.
  • ETL functions that can generate XML for SIF, PESC, IMS, SCORM, or any other XML data model (xDUA).
  • Complete information access via data mining tools that can access a variety of databases, spreadsheet and test files (xDTools and xDAdHoc).
  • Creates both operational and transactional DataStores that support dynamic schema additions and modifications, as well as custom object XML schema (xDStore).
  • Builds and manages reporting Data Marts.
  • Longitudinal data warehouse system is built from the data gathered and stored in the DataStores. The dynamic data repository can be updated in real time or via a predetermined schedule (xDVault).
  • Extensive out-of-the-box data validation solution that provides standard rules and allows additional custom rules via an easy-to-use interface - no coding necessary (xDValidator).
  • Enterprise-level dashboards can plug into existing Microsoft SharePoint or DNN portals.
  • Unique Student ID provisioning to ensure that students are tracked throughout their school career (xDUID).
  • SIF Certified Zone Integration Server providing a robust SIF communication process (xDZIS).

"CPSI has built a great working relationship with the Oklahoma SDE and we are excited about expanding with new technologies that take advantage of a standardized data model. Our toolset is unlike any other used in K-12," says Aziz Elia, Chief Software Architect and CEO of CPSI. "For the first time in the US, a state enterprise will be privy to real time data for reporting, which will allow the state and districts to catch students that are falling behind faster, and can even be used to predict outcomes and problems before they happen."

Michelle Elia, President of CPSI, adds that "Oklahoma is currently the only full state-wide SIF deployment. Other states maintain a mixture of file uploads and SIF communication. Oklahoma is unique in its commitment to SIF."

In addition, this contract gives districts the opportunity to have access to the Business Intelligence tools that have been deployed as part of the solution. xDTools will be licensed for use by the districts for analyzing their own data collected at the state LDS. District administrators and teachers will be able to manipulate the data provided for their own district and create their own reports based on the data housed in the LDS.

About CPSI

CPSI was founded in 1989 with a charter to service the K-12 education industry. CPSI is the leading education data integration company in the US and Canada, with over four million students and staff managed with CPSI products. CPSI leads the nation in SIF deployments, and intelligent technology based on standards and best practices. With a strong presence in Canada, the UK, and Australia, our solutions are proven to work. To learn more, visit http://www.cpsiltd.com.

About the Wave, Oklahoma Statewide Student Information System

The Wave is a state-of-the-art customized and secure electronic statewide student information system that can be utilized for eliminating duplication of reporting and accountability efforts, streamlining research and decision-making capabilities, and providing dynamic accurate and reliable information. The Wave was developed utilizing Schools Interoperability Framework technology for providing the State Department of Education a utility to accept data from diverse applications - allowing school districts to select software that best fit their business needs - while implementing quality data collection standards. The Wave operates in real-time, receiving and responding to electronic messages/data instantaneously. Implementation of the Wave will position Oklahoma in the forefront of the movement to bring education accountability in obtaining information regarding student enrollment, graduation, dropout, mobility, and a variety of student demographics. The Wave is for everyone. The Wave is the system of the future, implemented today. For more information, please visit http://www.sde.state.ok.us/theWave/default.html.

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