CrescoAg and Smartfield Partner to Deliver In-Season Crop Monitoring Technologies to Growers

Oct 18, 2011, 10:13 ET from Cresco Ag, LLC


MEMPHIS, Tenn. and LUBBOCK, Texas, Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Cresco Ag, LLC, a Memphis-based agricultural information management company, announced today that it has signed a regional license agreement with Smartfield, Inc., a Lubbock-based information technology company that provides in-crop analysis tools to enable crop management decisions.  The collaboration will combine innovative in-field monitoring technologies developed by Smartfield and CrescoAg's information management system to create a regional network that will allow growers to monitor and manage their crops throughout the growing season. 

"This exciting partnership will enable our customers to access and evaluate precise information about their crop in real-time," said Charles Michell, executive vice president of CrescoAg. "With this innovative service offering, CrescoAg is not only adding value to its business and that of its customers, but revolutionizing agriculture intelligence business altogether."

Smartfield's SmartCrop® system utilizes sensing technology coupled with algorithms and methodology to determine when crops are experiencing stress.   Multiple sensors positioned in a field collect and record crop canopy temperature and environmental data throughout the day, and the SmartCrop system uses information from these sensors to determine if the crop is in stress.  The CropInsight database and web interface maintains data about the crop and sends signals for an intervention like irrigation or a topical application when a maximum stress time has been reached.

CrescoAg tested the Smartfield technology in five states this summer, utilizing the sensors to evaluate varietal and hybrid response to stress and irrigation timing, fungicide applications in corn, cotton and soybeans as well as to view crop responses to various agronomic practices, said Michell.  The data generated from this technology, along with several other data points are being used to populate CrescoAg's proprietary MesoFarm database, the central repository for all of the company's farm data across the U.S. 

"This partnership aligned perfectly with CrescoAg's product lineup that includes MesoPlan, our risk analysis tool provided to growers to help assess and manage their variety and hybrid selections," said Colin Wolfe, executive vice president of CrescoAg. 

CrescoAg is focused on helping growers make better decisions for their operations.  The company's products and services utilize data from tools such as field mapping, soil sampling, record keeping, automated crop monitoring and "whole farm" research plots.  The data generated by these tools are mapped, stored and easily accessible.  CrescoAg will accept data from all major hardware or equipment brands, translate it, store it and make it compatible with other systems.  The aggregated data will allow for community analysis and benchmarking at the field and farm enterprise level. 

"Smartfield is excited to be working with the innovations created by CrescoAg," said Steve M. Hawkins, CEO of Smartfield, "CrescoAg's model of combining information from multiple sources with Smartfield information to provide better support to growers is a next step in agriculture data mining and utility. Smartfield is very pleased to support this effort."


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Smartfield, Inc. develops plant monitoring technology to optimize crop production practices such as irrigation and provide selection tools for providers of goods and services to these growers.  The company is based in Lubbock, Texas.  For more information, call 806-798-9600 or visit