Cross-Province march against cell towers gains surprising Government and Industry support

Oct 11, 2012, 06:00 ET from Citizens for Safe Technology

OAKVILLE, ON, Oct. 11, 2012 /CNW/ - On her march across Ontario to protest against a cell tower in her neighborhood, a 57-year old grandmother gains support today from two surprising allies.

Wendy Hoy from Port Franks, Ontario, left home on foot two weeks ago headed to Parliament.

Greeting her in Oakville is the former president of Microsoft Canada. Frank Clegg spent 12 years as president at Microsoft, and agrees with Hoy that microwave radiation from cell towers, cell phones and WiFi is excessive and that Canada`s regulations need tightening.

Hoy will also be welcomed by Oakville Conservative MP Terence Young, who is urging Health Canada to better protect Canadians.

Hoy left home last month vowing to walk 800 km to Parliament after Bell Canada gained permission to build a cell tower in her town despite half of the residents opposing it. She is 300km into her march.

"Most Canadians aren't aware, but we are surrounded by harmful radiation caused by wireless technologies," says Hoy. "We have cell towers near our homes and WiFi in our schools. Doctors are starting to send warnings but right now no one has a choice."

The World Health Organization has labelled wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen. The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for revised safety levels to reflect the increasing number of wireless devices in children`s lives.

Hoy will meet Frank Clegg and MP Terence Young at 11:30 am in Young`s constituency office in Oakville.

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SOURCE Citizens for Safe Technology