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Jul 14, 2015, 09:00 ET from Chase's Cameras

SAN DIEGO, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- /Chase's Cameras/- After months of much anticipated development, specialty shop and photography blog has unveiled their exclusive, customized DSLR cameras.

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By utilizing cutting edge technology, the company is producing custom made, visually striking, DSLR cameras. Infused with vibrant ink and overlaid with an aesthetic design, project managers are calling these custom DSLR cameras "art for artists."

An innovative and nano-enabled digital, ultraviolet printing allows an image to be printed on the DSLR camera. Instead of using mercury labs, the ink is set with super-bright, ultraviolet LEDs. The LEDs are made with gallium nitride nanoscale structures. Thanks to the LEDs, the printers do not emit toxic ozone and they use less electricity. A special cooling system, using water rather than air, reduces the operating temperature of the LEDs, prolonging the life of the semi-conductor.

Radiation-free inferred bands keep the materials from overheating. This makes it possible to print on all types of material, even very thin, heat sensitive, or highly flammable material. During ink production, nano-pigments and nano-additives are used. They are obtained in special, miniature nano-mills. The size and weight of the particles reduce the ink's viscosity, so it is possible to have a drop of ink of a mere 4 to 8 picoliters (.000,000,000,001 Liters) in the print heads.

More than just a pretty camera, the technology used for this unique customization opens the door to commercial customization of all types.

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