New Production Release Advances Cloud Technology

CX first to introduce free groups, collaboration suite and 10GB of free storage

Oct 18, 2011, 08:00 ET from CX Inc.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CX Inc. announced the most recent production release representing, a new higher-level intuitive user experience, a new pricing model and the addition of two new executives.  The new production release is the culmination of ten months of effort for the cloud computing and collaboration company. CX now offers customers free groups with potential to add up to 1 million participants per group, a collaboration and real time notification suite and 10 gigabytes of free, secure storage.


The CX platform is designed with collaboration at the core and a new simplified user experience allows people to form as many groups as they wish and have up to 1 million users per group. For example the new group function allows a DJ, VJ, Political party or a large company to upload files as big a terabyte and to share or collaborate around that file on the internet while still maintaining ownership and control of their assets.

"The new brand logo for CX is designed to celebrate 'Cloud to the Power of X' where 'X' represents the exponential power of the CX platform," said Brad Robertson, CEO of CX Inc.

The new platform is available with applications for the Web, Mac, PC, iPad and soon to be released iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms.

The company's service platform accepts any type of data file, and provides users with a secure, stable, scalable synchronization and communications platform to share, and manage documents, photos, music and videos across any device connected to the Internet including desktops, laptops, netbooks, and mobile devices.  

"We believe that simply storing and syncing your content on the cloud is a first generation cloud play," said Robertson.  For this reason CX is the first company to offer free groups at signup and three times more free storage as established competitors.  

"We feel the real power of a multi-device, cross-, cloud-computing platform is when people can freely work in groups and our system takes it a step further by including a discussion element called 'CX Discover', similar to a Twitter or Facebook feed." Robertson said this feature virtually eliminates the need to email comments back and forth to multiple folder users.

CX is designed for multiple kinds of users, including home offices, small offices up to organizations with thousands of employees.  Unlike other cloud storage companies CX does not charge multiple storage fees when files are shared with others. The CX pricing model is currently the most competitive in the industry. It offers free services for up to 3 groups and users receive 10GB of free storage.  For $9.99 per month, customers can create 10 groups with unlimited group size, real time notifications and 50GB of storage. For $19.99 per month the number of groups are unlimited and the full suite of notification and customer care services are bundled with 100GB of storage. CX also offers curated pricing packages for users with bigger needs. has rapidly advanced on competitive territory, and since the soft launch of CX three weeks ago the company is experiencing exponential growth in signups from all over the world. On the new platform just released referrals for CX has grown to over 60% and in 3 weeks with more files have been loaded on to CX that all the files loaded on to CX during its 7 months of beta testing.

Two new recent hires include Keith Pardy and Tom Clements. Pardy has 25 years of global business experience in the fast moving consumer goods and technology businesses. He has expertise in general management, global brand development, consumer insights, marketing mix management and the convergence of all things digital. Previously Pardy was the CMO at Research in Motion and a long career at The Coca-Cola Company Nokia. Clements on the other hand is an internet pioneer who sold the company he founded, Conduit Software for 43 times the original investor's capital contribution. Previous to Conduit, Clements was the Vice President of Sales for Firstwave, a CRM company that he helped take public. Clements strengths are strategic planning, organization development and rapid sales growth.

" will be your secure digital command center, through which you can take control of all your files from any 'net' device. We take cloud security seriously," said Pardy.  

"We designed world class security protocols into the platform. Security is built into your device, when the data is in transit from your device and when the data is stored in the cloud. Our promise to our customers is to deliver the most comprehensive and intuitive cloud synchronization and collaboration platform bar none. Everyone on our team has come from tier 1 technology corporations." Pardy added that CX is an open yet secure platform that simplifies the organization of your content so that collaboration can happen with anyone on any device connected to the Internet.

"CX is a platform designed by developers for developers," said Robertson. "We know the importance of having the creative horsepower of the developer community to find new and unimaginable ways to make CX all that more amazing."  For that reason CX developers built the platform on top of the company's own API's. "By going through the development process like this you know that your API's need to be bullet proof and easy to use for developers."

Features and functionality include:

  • Collaborate for fun or work with group functionality. An enhanced functionality is CX groups. With an entire team (two or more), one can share content, work locally, save the file and everyone else will have the latest version using real-time sync capabilities. In addition with CX, one can share their thoughts on any file in contrast to losing a conversation  in email threads.
  • The ability to store content. This includes movies, music, photos, documents, and more. CX comes with 10GB of storage for free but up to 100GB or Terabytes with a custom plan.
  • Real-time syncing capabilities. Users can keep all their important content in sync, no matter how many devices they have. With CX Sync, they can quickly copy countless folders, including large files
  • Sharing content and files. CX users can share content with their friends, or get a link and share it with people outside of CX. They can also publish their link to the web and see what people have to say.  It can also be unpublished so no one else can access it.
  • Discover new ideas, new friends and more. Users will see what others are publishing across CX. One can find a person with similar interests and join in the conversations across the globe. CX Discover is constantly growing and strives to be the most relevant content and connections.

About CX ®

CX is the most comprehensive and intuitive cloud storage, file management, synchronization and collaboration platform that provides users with a secure, stable, scalable platform to backup, synchronize, share, and manage their documents, photos and music, videos across all of their devices - which includes desktops, laptops, netbooks, and mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, and BlackBerry coming soon). The company's head quarters are in Palo Alto, Calif. and financial backing is by Tomorrow Ventures and Hanna Capital.