Cyprus Wine Association Debuts EuroWines Campaign at the Ottawa Wine & Food Show

Nov 03, 2009, 10:05 ET from Cyprus Wine Association

OTTAWA, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cyprus Wine Association proudly announces the launch of the "EuroWines" Canada promotional campaign. The EuroWines Canada program will debut at the 24th Annual Ottawa Wine & Food Show that takes place at the nation's capital from November 6- 8th 2009.

"This campaign is one of the steps being taken to promote a greater awareness of Cyprus wines to the Canadian consumer," states Dennis C. Droushiotis, Managing Director of the Cyprus Wine Association in North America. Participation in trade shows, such as the Ottawa Wine & Food Show, is an integral part of the EuroWines program, a one-year tactical marketing program to increase sales and awareness of Cypriot wine varietals in Canada. Other campaign initiatives include targeted advertising, public relations activities, educational seminars for sommeliers and trade, and an extensive in-store tasting program that includes over 200 demos in key flagship stores in the Province of Ontario. The project's mission is to increase trade and consumer awareness. More importantly, it hopes to increase greater appreciation for the unique grape varietals of Cyprus' legendary dessert wine, Commandaria.

Commandaria dates back as early as 800 B.C. and was later introduced to Europe by the Crusaders. It is the world's oldest wine still in production with a long history of accolades from the Greek poet Homer to King Richard the Lion Heart who once said, "I must return to Cyprus if only to taste this wine again." Such testimonials continue into the present with its "Top 10 Dessert Wines" in the world from Wine Enthusiast.

Furthermore, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office has officially recognized Commandaria wine as a distinctive product unique and indigenous to Cyprus and has granted a Canadian Certification Mark to Commandaria. Dennis C. Droushiotis notes, "This trademark certification protects the interests of the Cypriot wine industry whose exports of Commandaria to Canada have increased steadily. This action, more importantly, provides product confidence to consumers."

In addition to Commandaria, the EuroWines Pavilion at the Ottawa Wine & Food Show will be serving Xynisteri and Mavro, two other popular indigenous Cypriot wines. The island of Cyprus is an unusual, wine-producing gem as the country's grape varieties' rootstocks have grown undisturbed for centuries. Perhaps a blessing from Dionysus the God of Wine, as the cursed phylloxera beetle which decimated the majority of European vineyards in the late 19th century never reached Cyprus.

The Association hopes to impress as well as educate trade and consumers on Cyprus' unique steep history, tradition and legacy in winemaking. It is for this reason that the Cyprus Wine Association is participating in the following two events at the Ottawa Wine & Food Show, the Wine Competition and Tasting Alley. EuroWines will participate in the Wine Competition with two Cypriot indigenous wines, Commandaria and Xynisteri. In addition, EuroWines will feature Commandaria in the Exhibition's Tasting Alley event, which takes place Friday and Saturday, November 6 and 7 from 5-7pm and showcases premium wines from around the world.

The Cyprus Wine Association was formed as a result of a joint undertaking between the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union. The Association is comprised of the four major Cypriot wineries: ETKO, KEO, LOEL, and SODAP all of which represent 86% of Cyprus wine exports worldwide. Dennis C. Droushiotis, North American Managing Director, leads all marketing activities from his office based in New York.

Please visit the EuroWines Pavilion for a glass of sweet history at booth #1024, 1026, 1028.

SOURCE Cyprus Wine Association